Week 93 – Timișoara, România

It is weird how you mention i sound happy. I am very happy, but I am so tired. I don’t even know how I can be so tired. Here was a little explanation I was thinking about though. So there is something called Nitric Oxide. It is a chemical in our body that is very

Week 92 – Timișoara, România

This week has been a good one. It has also been a hot one. A really hot one. I don’t think I have burned, but I have an awesome farmers tan now. 😉 That kind of kept us to English contacting this week and we are hoping to have a good turn out this Tuesday

Week 91 – Timișoara, România

This week has been an adventure. I am still getting used to living in a two man city. It is just me and my companion in one of the largest cities in Romania. I am really excited to be here though, but it only being us with so few members can be lonely. In a

Week 90 – Timișoara, România

So this last week has been an adventure. First of all transfer boards came out and I am now serving in the wonderful city of Timisoara as the branch president. I have lots of new responsibilities, but I think I will be able to handle them just fine. 😉 I am nervous. Somehow though, I

Week 89 – Oradea, România

Nicholas’ sister Abigail wrote this weeks family email and told Nick about her summer ballet camp to BYU.  The photo of BYU was copied from the BYU Housing website. I am glad that you had fun. I will tell you what, getting to BYU was probably a life changer for me. I think you have

Week 88 – Oradea, România

Madison, Nicholas’ older sister wrote the family email to Nick this week.  That is why he addresses her in the first line.  Madison has been staying with us for several weeks this summer. HEY MADISON! I have wanted to email you for so long! I haven’t had your email though…but you are writing for the

Week 87 – Oradea, România

Wow…my week literally seems like absolutely nothing compared to what I just read. Okay…forgive me dad, but I was laughing through that email. A little bit. I love that you (dad) are adventurous and daring, and I am sad that you had this accident. I am also glad that it wasn’t worse. I know it


Week 86 – Oradea, România

Hey! Well…to be honest I was a little surprised to not see a family weekly email. That is alright actually. That might help keep this one a little bit shorter. This week was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it a lot and the stories I have are good. Well…I like them. This week we


Week 85 – Oradea, România

Those pictures are awesome! I am super glad that I got to see those. It made me want to be back on the Carpathians! There are so many more mountains there than there were in Busteni though. I am a little jealous. I love the mountains. Well this week was long. It started out with


Week 84 – Ploiești, România

Well I am glad to hear that everyone is safe and sound. I am not actually sure where that may be right now, but I hope you are all happy and enjoying your time away from home. Vacations can be a needed thing. This week brought us a little vacation of sorts! We went to