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Week 50 – București, România

Another week and more work. Well kind of. It was a really slow week, and I wish I could tell you why, but it frankly pans out to we didn’t work that hard. I was kind of bummed by that, but there are some other matters to be dealing with that are really important too,

Week 49 – București, România

I am glad to hear that everyone is happy! It is amazing how simple it is to be that way too! We forget sometimes how to be happy in the hustle and bustle of work or school, but little blessings from the Lord can change a lot of attitudes. I love the pictures. It looked

Week 48 – București, România

I literally can’t even imagine what our house looks like right now. I mean the basics of our yellow house, but without that huge tree? Nope, can’t see it. That tree has always been there! I am a little surprised at the age of it though. That is actually impressive. I bet you and brother

Week 47 – București, România

What happened this week. Hmmm…as I think I will respond to your email. Something I really liked about the story of the stripling warriors, wasn’t just the main verses, but there is a verse that tells me something about what was going on at home. There is a verse that says that these warriors received

Week 46 – București, România

This week has been an interesting one. We saw a piece of paper in our block that explained that we needed to be at our apartments for specific days. I didn’t really think anything of it, but I bumped into this guy who told me what they were doing. They were replacing the whole tap

Week 45 – București, România

We have had a really good week, or at least I have been thinking so. Things would have been much better if the weather wasn’t so flippsy. We had a beautiful day on Monday, and then Tuesday it dropped twenty degrees and rained. Then it slowly got back up to a nice day today. What

Week 44 – București, România

I really wish I had some stories to tell you..wait… I always have stories to tell you. Something is always happening here! Unfortunately though, this week has been pretty slow missionary work wise. We have had transfers and meetings all week. They have all been very good meetings though, and holy cow do I feel

Week 43 – București, România

I laughed about the clothes pins!!! Those can be some serious tools of fun ;). Especially in the hands of a pro. ;). I do have some stories for you but I will start by saying that transfer board came out and I am staying in Bucharest as the District leader in Panduri, but I

Week 42 – București, România

This week…hmmm. Where to start… Well, things here are going good, as always, but we are finding ourselves in this little rut. No one EVER picks up their phones…That has been frustrating, but we are still working hard and I am trying to rely on the promises of the Lord more. We have started meeting

Week 41 – București, România

I don’t really have any super crazy news from București right now. We are working really hard and I think that we are going to start seeing numbers go up. I think it really comes down to just working hard. and then never stopping. I have been having a hard time lately though with just trying