Week 12 – Bacău, Romania

I love hearing from you all, and hearing about all the small stories of life outside of my mission! It hit me the other day when I realized that it was Oliver’s birthday and that he turned 15! It just made me realize how much I am missing. I am blown away at how fast the time has gone, and how little I feel like I have done here in Bacău.

I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but I haven’t had a single lesson in 5 weeks, and we have spent hours contacting and block knocking everyday. While I say this I am actually really happy and have been able to look back and see how far I have come in the few weeks that I have been here, and I think that was the point of this transfer. To see how hard, and fun missionary work can be! It has been literally day in and day out of no success, and people not showing, and dropping us, but I am happy.

Bacau_Winter_03_1200I love being out here and I can’t believe how much I love the people here. I love spending my days walking the streets and telling people about Christ. Even if they say no, they know that we have a message about Him. I love that. I am also grateful for the change that I am seeing in my own life. I have really struggled with things I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with out here, but I am, and I am changing. I am changing because I am winning. I am winning my life! I have never felt more buoyed and blessed from the Lord to be able to do the things that we have been able to do. I am super happy for that, and I don’t know how to thank Him, other than just working my very hardest and never backing down!

I wish you all could be out here and see the work we do everyday. It is brutal. It is hard, and I often say the wrong thing, but we smile and laugh and the Lord shines through us. I want people to see Him walking next to us, and I think that some of them can. One thing that I like here (and hate) is that staring is not offensive. I mean people will stare us down, look at our name tags, and look us up and down, and then keep walking. It is super awkward and weird, but I started staring back! I am looking them up and down, and wondering what they are thinking about me, because I already know who they are. They are sons, and daughters of an all powerful and merciful Father in Heaven. Dang that’s cool.

I have heard next to nothing about the Olympics, and in fact, I didn’t even know they were going on!! We live in this little bubble of no news, and anything really except the powerful message that is meant to carry the world into the Second Coming…no big deal ;). It is so cool, to know that. ooh…I get people bumps from it!!

Oh well. I am slightly discouraged to hear about the arguments that my younger siblings are having. Do they not understand that we are a family for eternity? Do they not understand that we are meant to lift each others burdens and be the bestest friends with each other from this moment to forever? I think that as a family you should read the scriptures more and apply it to our home, and learn and grow. Set goals and then accomplish them. That is what I have been doing. Every week I pick a new Christ like attribute and live it that week, and forever, the best I can. I have noticed a change in my life that has really affected me. Grow and help each other grow, and that’s when you truly become a team. It may take some growing up in years too, but that’s okay. ;). I really hope things change for the better between them, because they really could be the best support they could ever have.


I wish I could emphasize the importance of reading scriptures and then APPLYING IT. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and thus should be treated as such! It isn’t just a nice book to pick up and to enjoy from time to time, but to read ponder and let it change your life forever!! I have learned this for myself in many ways over the past few months, and I can now testify to people of the divine purpose and power that 600 ish pages can do to a life. It does have a great story but it testifies of Christ and is the most correct book on the face of the earth, and I know that to be the absolute truth. Please read it together, and set goals! I love you all so much, and I can see what the gospel can do, even for our family that lives it already! I bring this message to people everyday, who constantly reject it, and I have to move on and keep working, but I know what they are missing and it is truly sad to me. While I say that I am truly grateful that the Lord is preparing everyone in their own way and I don’t know how my actions will affect them, but I want them to never doubt that I know my message is true, and that it can help them. I love it so much and I feel like I am only dipping my feet into the large pool of knowledge and comfort the Gospel can bring people on this earth. Please please please read it and pray about it.

Now, stories. I don’t have any really crazy ones, but I have had a cool one. A few nights ago we were heading home at 6:54 after literally zero success, but I had felt that we would get a potential that night and so I was really confused. I decided, instead of heading straight back, to make a loop around a few buildings to get home, and talk with anyone and everyone we saw. The last person we talked to became a potential investigator, who might come to church on Sunday!. It was as if she was just ready to become our potential. I knew that the Holy Ghost had nudged me to keep serving, even in the last five minutes of our day. It was a blessing and gift from heavenly father that I am grateful for.

Bacau_Winter_04_1200We learned about a week ago that the apartment searching has actually never really been for us, because we are actually getting replaced by Sister missionaries, and that we are both getting transferred on the 19th! OUCH. that hurt to find and, but I can’t stay mad very long so I got over it pretty fast. We did find an apartment for them, and I have accepted that I will be leaving Bacau in 8 days… I might cry. I love it here so much and there are so many people that we could find! However, I am excited to see another part of Romania! Also, I am sticking with my companion, and we are being “whitewashed” (which means thrown into a city together, and randomly pretty much(nothing is random, but guided by the spirit in righteousness). I am really excited to keep working with him and this should be really crazy! I find out where I am actually going on Saturday and so next week I will tell you where I will be serving next! Ah!

There is a family in the branch that have all four of us over every week, and they feed us like champs. They are the newest members. They are so funny and the nicest people. I will get pictures of them this sunday and send them to you with all my other ones. Jut keep looking at my drive, and maybe even delete some of the blurry ones. You all mean the world to me! Keep up the faith and know that Christ is with you if you follow Him.

Elder Oldham