Week 39 – Craiova, România

We have had an interesting week. Craiova is the 6th largest city in Romania and it is pretty big, but the work here is just super, super slow. I think it is because we only have three missionaries here. It doesn’t matter the reason, but it can be frustrating. Anyway, there are a lot of really cool buildings here and I really do like the city. English hasn’t started yet, but it starts tomorrow. We get a lot of investigators from English so we are pretty excited. I am hoping that it will help our moods a little bit too. Things here are very liniștit (quiet). We would go and make more visits to people, but there aren’t any.

We have two active members, the BP and his wife. They are really nice people though. We are basically at ground zero for members/church here in Criaova. I don’t know why either. We do have a couple investigators that were the sisters, but they don’t really like the idea of elders teaching them (her) and so that makes it hard. We are just trying to do our best everyday. We did hit up English pretty hard though. We should have a good crowd. I like to think so anyway. It is really hard with three of us, but we are making it work.

I wish I had more funny stories, but really my only thing to report on is my personal studies. I have had some amazing personal studies lately and I think the Lord is starting to really give me a boost up in my trials. I have had some guided ones where I will end up somewhere in a magazine that I wouldn’t normally find myself, reading something that is exactly what I needed to hear. I feel like I, frankly, need to step it up. I feel like if I don’t I will regret it. That was this mornings extravagant find. I ended up in the November 2012 Liahona in a talk given by President Ucthdorf. it was very motivational, and I think I will probably type it out, print it, laminate it and then put it up in our apartment. I feel scared though to step it up. It is hard to set an example for others around you when they are so stuck in their ways. Especially Romanians. I know that I just need to keep doing what is in my control and leave the rest to the Lord, but I am just wondering when He will bless Craiova with soft hearts and ready ears. That won’t stop me from trying to reach out for people, but I think I need to gather myself first.

I have noticed that too lately. How can I help someone if I am not on firm ground? It’s like having someone fall overboard, and you yelling “I’ll save you!” Then you jump after him, with out a rope… You both just end up off the deck and in need of help. I think that the rope and life buoy is the Savior and His atonement. I need it right now to transform me, and have all the good habits that I am developing stick. When I am living the way I should, it is so much easier to reach out for those who need help. I am trying to really get myself firm.  I have lots of ammo now, I just need my spirit to open up its’ eyes and kick my rear into gear.

On an up note. I have convinced my two companions to run with me at night. We have gotten up to almost 40 minutes of running straight. Slow pace of course, but we can do it! That’s kind of fun! We work hard in our own way. We also play a lot of Settlers of Catan. We bought it here for the branch for activities, and we play it pretty often. We should probably change that…we have room to improve, but I think it isn’t happening fast enough. Patience!

I love hearing about home and I am glad the package got there. I have a video on how to tie the commi bag, I will try to upload that this week sometime. Stay sharp! Love you all!

Love, Elder Oldham
P.S. I am listening to this talk thing. watch it/hear it. I received it from Elder Daland it is amazing.
P.P.S. I am grateful to be here and this is where i need to be right now. You guys are doing great! You can do something for me though. Read the scriptures as a family every single day!!! That will bring me more joy than anything else.