Week 51 – București, România

What happened this week… well…not much again. We did have an amazing time playing laser tag on P-day. That was so much fun, and we would always come out dripping in sweat. Just elders went and that was pretty enjoyable. We have been focusing a lot of our time on making sure…WAIT…stuff did happen this last week…sorry…I remember now…how could I forget.

Okay…we have been making sure that our activities will go smoothly and that means lot’s of practice. I will be singing a duet with a sora here, and in a small mens group, and in a small group with both men and women. Then for the talent show I will be accompanying a sora who will be singing Savior Redeemer of my Soul. That will be fun! I am actually really nervous for it, but excited. I just need to keep focused, and work hard.

The big thing this week was actually our zone conference. We had Elder Kearon from the first council of the 70 come and visited us. So the day before was a day of clean the church, and make sure everything is perfect! We were running around all over the place, and that caused a little stress, but it was an amazing zone conference. I mean really good. The best one I have had on the mission, by far. Hands down. He told us so many different things. The all time favorite quote though has been “Be happy, but for goodness sake don’t be satisfied”. He also has a British accent, and so it is down right cool how he said it. We all left that meeting with new thoughts and lots of notes. They also really cracked down on some of the rules which I was happy about. Some things just need to be said. It also makes it easier to enforce when you can just say, hey President Ivory last conference said no. I like that. That was a big deal this week, and a very spiritual moment for all.

Bucharest_16_1200Other than that, we have been trying to bump up the number of lessons we teach, but we are just bad at finding new investigators. Maybe if we contacted we would find some, but we don’t really do that. Hmmm… I think I will have to try some new things. I like being busy with the other stuff though. It is really good to be occupied with other items.

What else. Our lesson in priesthood was really good I thought.They went over the logistics of passing the sacrament, and gave out assignments. They basically said, this is how it is done, the end. It was nice to see. I am grateful for that. We all need to start being more grateful anyway, because we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving! I am really excited about that too! What else…I will probably remember a ton of other things after I leave.

It is a bummer you didn’t shoot anything. Isn’t that the point of hunting? 😉 I guess you will have to go next year. and actually kill something! It would have been nice to shoot a buck though. Oh well. I bet the quiet would just really be nice. The cold not so much but, it can be dealt with.

Nutcracker_01_1200Congrats to my sisters and their wonderful performances! I wished I could have seen them, but I will get a chance later. Lucky Oliver…I have seen Noises Off. It was SO FUNNY! I remember seeing it with Madison. That was a long time ago. Crazy.

I will have the pictures of the inside a little more when I get them from the Senior couple that went with us. I should have them by the time I email next week. It was a really cool building. All of the rooms, had a different theme of architecture and design. There was this one room with a 5 ton chandelier! Made of Crystal! It had its’ own, built in, spiral staircase for cleaning and maintenance. It was really cool. I can’t imagine building that thing. Apparently they had over 20,000 workers work in shifts twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Nuts… Then it wasn’t finished when the tyrant was killed, so there was a debate on whether or not to tear it down. I am glad they didn’t.

Hey! Is there anything you guys want me to buy out here for Christmas? If yes, please tell me. There are cool things out here. I am working on the Romanian nativity, but that is hard to do, mainly because he only accepts one hundred dollar bills. However, I do have one ;). I am working on it and that may be a little more time than you guys would probably like, but oh well. I should get it eventually. Is there anything else?

Business…one or two things. Decadent french toats recipe? oh and pizza dough recipe? Please? I think that’s it from me. Other than stay strong and carry on!

Love you all!
Love, Varstnicul Nick Oldham