Week 60 – București, România

This was another hand written letter that I have transcribed here.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for you wonderful email. Unfortunately, due to time, this letter will be short. Sorry.

Constanta_01This week has been exciting. We had a hectic day on Friday as we ran around trying to put together a movie night. We didn’t get all the sound right and it flopped. Not too much of a problem though because we had to leave early. We got an opportunity to go to Constanță.  My companion had been working with someone there and he asked if he could baptize him. It was a really neat experience. Oh! Fun news. Transfers are this week and I am no longer in București. I am now going to the wonderful city of Brașov. I will be the district leader there and I am very excited to be heading out to the mountains! I will also have a new companion. I’ve met him before, and he is really cool. New area. New faces. New energy.

Is was sad to leave church though. My friend cried. It was moving to see how many people told me goodbye. I will miss this city very much! However, I get another chance to love a new group of people. It’s very exciting. That’s pretty much it. I’ll be better next week!

Love, ME!