Week 66 – Brașov, România

Hike_04This week has been a fun one. So naturally we find out transfer boards and we all freak out because it is crazy where people are going and balh blah blah. This week got fun early (in regards to transfers). We get a call from president on Tuesday and he straight up tells us one Elder will be training, and that I will be staying with a missionary here! SO I already knew my transfer stuff!! WOOHOO! Wait…there is more. So I thought everything was going smoothly. Until I looked at transfer boards. I am placed once again in a trio here in Brasov. At first, I was pretty upset. Trio’s are hard. It can sometimes be hard with two! AGAIN!?? I thought I just got out of one. Then I thought about it and realized that doesn’t matter too much. In fact, the more the merrier.

Hike_17We are doing good work here, and if a someone needs some reviving, that it is here in this city. I am happy to have two comps. It will not stop me from working hard. The end. That is the curve ball with transfers. Also, this week we were able to go to Pelesi Castle. A CASTLE! It was so amazing, rain and all! It was so amazing that my companion forgot to charge his batteries on his camera, and we were actually in Pelesi on an exchange, so we couldn’t go and get it. It didn’t matter and my spirits could not get put down. Perhaps you have seen the picture of me with my apple strudel smiling at Pelesi. That was my face the entire time. Oh…OH, how I wish that, dad, you could have gone there. The architecture, and everything that went into that building is amazing. I literally walked threw it with my mouth open and and little drool dribbling down my face. It was the most high quality wood work I think I have ever seen in my entire life. Truly amazing. Luckily, we are going again this transfer, and I will have a camera by then. I hope so anyway.  That was for our zone P-day on Wednesday.

Hike_07Then…today we went on a hike. A hike that was 8 hours long. We didn’t know it would be that long, but we ended up hiking up a very large mountain. I should have uploaded the pictures and videos by now, so you can all see them. It was crazy…I mean, so amazingly beautiful. I don’t think I have ever seen anything more beautiful in nature. Well, certainly not been on it. It was SO COOL! We went with our investigators and that was fun too. They are so cool.

Other than those few things. I am pretty much happy happy happy. We are working hard here and having fun. The End. I am happy to hear l the news from home. I feel like I am actually there…sort of. It will be crazy to be able to talk to you guys again here in a few months over Skype. That will be the last time too. wow…Time flies. I exercise almost everyday. If I am not feeling good, I won’t, but that doesn’t happen very often. I have grown physically I think. However, all the normal things are still there, you know 8 pack, luscious hair, and etc… ;). I now have to shave the stubble off my chin almost every other day! I know…I never thought it would happen, but people are actually telling me that I have to shave sometimes. I must be a man now. 😉 I am 70 kilos as of yesterday, about 154 lbs. That seems light to me, but oh well, I am happy. I will read with you this week in the BOM! This will be fun! I hope you guys have a wonderful week, and keep your chins down…in prayer silly willy’s. 😉

Love, Varstnicul Nick Oldham