Monthly archives: December, 2013

Week 5 – MTC – Christmas

Craciun Fericit! Merry Christmas! I wish I could have seen the look on everybody’s face this morning. I miss home, but not enough to damper the work that I am doing out here. I have this burning desire to go out and change the lives of maybe only a few in Romania. I think I

Week 4 – MTC

I love it here at the MTC not because of the food, or the classes, but because I love being with the people in my zone. The others are all going to Italy and it is really cool to hear them talk in it and we even sing in it too! I love them so

Week 3 – MTC

Romania is looking pretty good right now. ;). However, I have been told that it has humid winters so the wet and cold literally cuts through clothes. ugh. Oh, no big deal but Elder Nelson, and Elder Cook have given devotionals, and we got 6 inches of snow the night Elder Ballard was supposed to

Week 2 – MTC

I wish I could report on my stay here being oober amounts of fun and excitement, but most of the time I am just tired. We spend more time in our classroom than I do in my dorm room, including sleeping. I guess that’s how they want it. I love it here a lot. I