Monthly archives: January, 2014

Week 10 – Bacău, Romania

Things in Bacău have been really slow. Mainly because we only walk and over the past four days we have gotten 3 feet of snow. This typically makes walking hard. I can handle the snow here though. It is a lot lighter than Minnesota snow. There is one catch to the weather here. The wind is

Week 9 – Bacău, Romania

Another week has passed here in the wonderfully damp world of Bacău. It has been pretty damp, but it has been much warmer than past years, and today it rained! I think we are getting an early spring which I am perfectly happy about. This is week 9 and it really doesn’t feel like it.

Week 8 – Bacău, Romania

Well, where to even start. Our plane ride was very long and very boring. I spent a total of 15 hours in the air, and a total of 21 hours in travel. Things went pretty smoothly after that though. The country is really beautiful, but the cities are not.  They are trying to cram hundreds

Week 7 – Travelling to Romania

Today is the day that we would normally get an email from Nick.  Yesterday, we got something better.  A phone call!  This was the first time we have heard his voice in 7 weeks since we weren’t able to talk to him on Christmas while he was at the MTC. He is doing great!  The

Week 6 – MTC – New Years

Thank you for sending the pictures! I wish I could post more pictures but it is so difficult to do that here. I have gotten a package filled with medical supplies, and I could not have been more grateful. There is only one catch, I received the package the day I got better! That’s okay