Monthly archives: March, 2014

Week 19 – Galaţi, Romania

Well, some fun things have happened here that might make you guys smile. The week didn’t bring anything too crazy except for three stories. One: We got a referal from Salt Lake City (which for us is rare) about a mudslide/flood in a city close to us called Costache Negri. We looked at the map,

Week 18 – Galaţi, Romania

I am grateful to hear your voices and see pictures. Mom and Abby: you sounded wonderful!! I have only a few stories to tell and it is one of those things where as missionaries we turn to each other and say “Only in Romania”. (I have been writing in my journal, but sometimes at night

Week 17 – Galaţi, Romania

Well Moldova was really fun! I have a couple really crazy stories about it too. This trip ended up being a five day fiasco with much, much, much travel. Now just a heads up, Moldova has the worst streets in the whole World, and it is absolutely true. We took a train on the 12th

Week 16 – Galaţi, Romania

I love hearing about home and what you all are up too. I wish I could express my love for all of you and share with you my testimony that is growing more and more everyday. We have had some success here and things seem to be turning up with all sorts of small problems.

Week 15 – Galaţi, Romania

I love hearing about home. It seems strange to me that life is moving on out there. Frankly, I don’t mind. I am very happy where I am and with what I am doing, but it is fun to know what I am missing too. It is a lot of fun to work here in