Monthly archives: April, 2014

Week 23 – Galaţi, Romania

So I opened up my email, and you hadn’t responded to me yet! That’s okay, I know you are busy with things. So this week…let me think. Oh! We went to Bucharest for our District Conference (stake conference) and we had a 70 there: Elder Axel H. Leimer came and talked with us. it was

Week 22 – Galaţi, Romania – Easter

Okay, this week has brought some exciting things here in Romania. Aside from a few days nothing has really happened and because of those few days, we are all really, really tired. SO I get the wonderful experience to live in a culture that is 90% (Eastern) Orthodox. I don’t mind at all, becuase it

Week 21 – Galaţi, Romania

To answer one of your questions, we haven’t made it back to Cosatche Negri, which is really hard for us to understand, but we have basically been told that because we were there before we can’t really do anything now. I don’t know how it works, and I agree, that it would soften the hearts

Week 20 – Galaţi, Romania

Ah this week has been a really interesting week. Meaning boring like normal but, fun moments. I shouldn’t say boring! When you live in a foreign land for two years, every single day brings some new adventure. It has been a very spiritual week. Oh so transfers! I am staying in Galaţi for another transfer