Monthly archives: November, 2014

Week 52 – București, România

I don’t have much time today, because our p-day got switched, so I will write a bigger one on Thursday I think! I actually have time now. I can’t think of anything. This happens rather frequently. Okay, so we have had a couple of crazy things happen, and a Sora went home with medical purposes

Week 51 – București, România

What happened this week… well…not much again. We did have an amazing time playing laser tag on P-day. That was so much fun, and we would always come out dripping in sweat. Just elders went and that was pretty enjoyable. We have been focusing a lot of our time on making sure…WAIT…stuff did happen this

Week 50 – București, România

Another week and more work. Well kind of. It was a really slow week, and I wish I could tell you why, but it frankly pans out to we didn’t work that hard. I was kind of bummed by that, but there are some other matters to be dealing with that are really important too,

Week 49 – București, România

I am glad to hear that everyone is happy! It is amazing how simple it is to be that way too! We forget sometimes how to be happy in the hustle and bustle of work or school, but little blessings from the Lord can change a lot of attitudes. I love the pictures. It looked