Monthly archives: December, 2014

Week 57 – București, România

I know that I talked to you guys already,but there is a blog to uphold! Anyway, I guess I will just say what happened like normal, and then see if you guys missed anything. 😉 Let’s see…This week we tried to be busy, but that was hard to do. We had decided to go carolling

Week 56 – București, România

I love getting your guys’s email. It is so nice to hear about the whole lot of nothing that happens. It is relieving actually. I don’t want too much to change 😉 Anyway, this week was fun! We had our Zone Conference. I love Zone Conference. It is always such a breathe of fresh air,

Week 55 – București, România

This last week was fun, and this last Saturday brought my bigger story. We decided to have a Christmas concert. We wanted it to be really big. We advertised pretty hard and practiced even harder. I did my duet with Sora Trebas again, and frankly I was down right nervous…again. I think that this time

Week 54 – București, România

Christmas is coming here in Bucharest, and we felt it here today. We had been practicing a ton for this event and today we were finally able to go and sing at the U.S. Embassy. It was a really neat experience and it was very very strange to hear American accents. It literally threw me

Week 53 – București, România

We did have a lot of fun this last week, and sadly not a ton of missionary work. That can sometimes be discouraging in of in itself. However I will walk you through our Thursday. It started with a Turkeybowl that a lot of missionaries participated in, but the only catch was that you had