Monthly archives: February, 2015

Week 65 – Brașov, România

Dear wonderfulest family ever, This week has been so very interesting. Meaning we didn’t get out much. I was sad by that, but I swear, everytime we get our hopes up, or we plan something amazing, our heating goes out! Then we have to stay in our apartment while they fix it…for three hours. Ugh.


Week 64 – Brașov, România

Just to start this email, the reason why I am emailing you guys today is because two nights ago our heating went out. We had no idea, but we woke up in the morning yesterday and it was SO cold. So we looked at the “centrala” (our heating source) and the normal flame inside was


Week 63 – Brașov, România

Okay…long email time. I did update my google drive with some cool pictures I thought. Just in time for my camera to take a bath…in Pepsi. I accidentally left a bottle lid not shut all the way, and all my items in my satchel took a twenty minute bath in Pepsi. We did the whole


Week 62 – Brașov, România

I’M BACK!!!!! To emailing that is. It is nice to be able to read all that you wrote more in depth and not feel so rushed to write a hasty response. All I know is that I am so grateful for my family. I reread Abby’s letter. Thank you so much Abby! It was really