Random Brașov Gallery

Random Brașov Gallery


Castelul Paleș

This is a P-Day trip to Castelul Paleș. Beautiful, but it was rainy the whole time!

Brașov Hike

These are photos of a hike my companion and I took with some of the people we have been teaching.  This hike was amazing.  We climbed the mountains just outside of Brașov, România.


Bran Castle

These are photos from our tour of Bran Castle near Brașov, România.


București … yet again

These are more photos taken during my time in București.  They are mostly photos of my district.

București redux

Here are some photos from the first few weeks in București.  Check out that train!

Orhei Vechi, Moldova

Images from Orhei Vechi, Moldova taken during a visit on P-day! This was a blast and so beautiful!

Chișinău, Moldova

Images from transfer in Chișinău, Moldova  

Galați – Continued

More images from Galați and travels to București and Costache Negri.  Also some Easter Mass pictures.

Zone Conference in Chisnau, Moldova

These are photos from my zone conference in Chisinau, Moldova and also a few from the apartment in Galaţi and Iași