Entering the MTC

Nick and I had a great trip from Minnesota to the MTC.Nicholas_024_Mission_2013_800

Nick was set apart by the Stake President on Sunday night and given specific instructions to begin following the mission rules including not ever being alone except when sleeping, dressing like a missionary and keeping mission hours.  The mission president said something that really stood out to me.  He said that Nick would love the people Romania.  That he would discover that he loved all the Romanian people even those he never met and that this would fill a place in his heart that he never knew was empty.  What a beautiful promise.  I can tell you that I, as his father, feel a special connection to Romania and it’s likely I will never step foot in that country.  But through my son, I can feel a closeness to them already.

At 4:30 am Monday morning, Nick and I jumped in the car and drove to Denver to spend the night with my parents.  One stop at King Kong in Lincoln, Nebraska and 15 hours later we arrived none the worse for wear.  We had a nice evening with my parents and my brother and his family.

7:00 am Tuesday and we were on the road again this time to Salt Lake City.  We had set a goal to make it to the 3:00 pm temple session at the Salt Lake Temple.  Windy in Wyoming.  What’s new.

Nicholas_008_Mission_2013_800We arrived in plenty of time to make it to the session and enjoyed the temple experience with Laura’s parents.  There is something very special about the Salt Lake Temple and I am really happy that Nick had a chance to experience that.

Nice dinner at Tucanos, early to bed and then out the door at about 8:00 am headed to Provo.  We spent a little time on the campus of BYU and Nick met up with some college buddies.  Lunch at Mongo’s.  Then off to the MTC.  We were a little early so we got out of the car for minute.  But then, in the gates, 30 seconds at the curb….and he was gone.

That was the hardest easy thing I have ever done.  I will miss him profoundly but I am so excited an proud of him that I wouldn’t choose anything different.  This is the best thing he can be doing for the next 2 years.