Week 83 – Ploiești, România

I am glad to hear, once again, that things are going well at home. I think about how much you guys have been blessed as much as I have been because of the service that I get to be a part of, and I realize that the Lord really does watch over our families as

Week 82 – Ploiești, România

The family email to Elder Oldham was written by is brother Oliver this week. That’s why he starts of his letter with “Bro!” BRO! Bother Bennion was one of the teachers there when I went to efy! *mouth drops open*. That is crazy. From what I can remember he was the most attended teacher that

Week 81 – Ploiești, România

Wonderful Family and friends. I have had an interesting week. It has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, and I don’t even know how to explain that all other than. Missionary work. It has been really cool to see the blessings unfold but not in the way you would think. This week has

Week 80 – Ploiești, România

Well I hope that things went well this week. I do have a handful of little stories that I would like to share with you guys. This last week has been really good. We had MLC on Thursday and lots of other little things along the way. Our mission is trying something new, I think

Week 79 – Ploiești, România

Thank you so much for sending me the pictures! I wish I could tell you how much I appreciate them! I try to send you guys pictures too, but they can only come so often. ;). Our hike was amazing that day and the weather was perfect. Lucky for me I think that the guys

Week 78 – Ploiești, România

I wish I could tell you a lot about what happened this week, but nothing happened this week. The news is that I will stay in Ploiesti, and serve with a new companion. He is just coming out of the office, and so i will electrocute him back into action. (The office tends to hurt

Week 77 – Ploiești, România

I am so glad that we were able to Skype. I am grateful for technology and its’ wonderful uses. I am freaked out that that was my last time, and that pretty soon here I will be back at home, and talking to you guys about my adventures in person. I can’t believe that at

Week 76 – Ploiești, România

I am so glad that you had a wonderful mother’s day. You deserve those kind of days more often! All I really have to say to the kids, is “THAT”S MY TEAM WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO!!!!!!!” I am super proud of them for doing something like that, especially Oliver. I knew that kid would


Week 75 – Ploiești, România

I thought I wouldn’t be able to email you guys today due to some time issues regarding travel and such, but I can! So I am. Okay, business first. I think it would be great to Skype/Google chat at 2 p.m. my time, 6 a.m. your time. I believe. I am really looking forward to

Week 74 – Ploiești, România

(Disclaimer: this photo was not taken by Elder Oldham…he did not post any photos this week so I think this is an open source image from the internet) I had no idea that Carlos was from Sibiu. It is a beautiful city. I am very glad that I was able to see it, even for