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Week 36 – Chișinău, Moldova

Well, this week has brought some interesting news. However, I must start with the eagle story. So for an activity the sisters decided to do a Theater Night where we all put together skits and go and perform them, but each skit had certain props to use, and certain items that needed to happen. It

Week 35 – Chișinău, Moldova

We have had an eventful week this week, not because of anything we did, but because this weekend we met President Ivory for the first time! He came here with a battle plan. He isn’t changing much yet, but he is rather strapping down the already needed things, and then changing the attitude of the

Week 17 – Galaţi, Romania

Well Moldova was really fun! I have a couple really crazy stories about it too. This trip ended up being a five day fiasco with much, much, much travel. Now just a heads up, Moldova has the worst streets in the whole World, and it is absolutely true. We took a train on the 12th