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Week 41 – București, România

I don’t really have any super crazy news from București right now. We are working really hard and I think that we are going to start seeing numbers go up. I think it really comes down to just working hard. and then never stopping. I have been having a hard time lately though with just trying

Week 40 – București, România

Well this week has actually proven to be a very interesting one. We started English and actually had a wonderful crowd show up. We had almost 30 people our first day! Which is pretty good for a small town. So we had English and it was a lot of fun. Like normal. Then we went

Week 38 – Craiova, Romania

So there is this picture of Messi after he lost the world cup and there was a caption underneath it saying “nothing can console me”. I felt like that a little bit about leaving Moldova. I truly fell in love with the people and city. I am super sad to leave it. It made me