Week 21 – Galaţi, Romania

To answer one of your questions, we haven’t made it back to Cosatche Negri, which is really hard for us to understand, but we have basically been told that because we were there before we can’t really do anything now. I don’t know how it works, and I agree, that it would soften the hearts of the people for sure! It is reall yfrustrating, but we just can’t do anything. We still might call our contact there, and arrange for us to come and do manual service, to just help in any way we can. We will see about that one.

Conference was fun, I ended up watching all the sessions in both Romanian and English. The only problem with the Romanian, was that it was super fast! I mean people in the East of Romania speak really fast, but this was almost super human speed. But I knew it was understood by the natives because one of them would nod their head in agreement every so often. It was funny. It was also probably the greatest conference I have ever heard in my entire life! So freaking good! I was shocked by how straight forward almost every speaker was! I love it! “One should not rummage through garbage”. I laughed out loud at that one! So good. I have pictures that I think I uploaded that shows us watching it, or about to start and in the room where we did watch it. The cinnamon rolls turned out just like dad makes them! That will be a tradition now, and forever! I loved them so much, and they were so good! Oh, so because I have made a lot of delicious things for activities I have been told “you are good to be married!” Several Romanians, not just one, have told me this, and also that the woman that I marry will be lucky to have me. ;). I think it works the other way around, but whatever. ;).

Okay…Now to the rest of the email. I loved hearing about the pinewood derby! Oh the good days of spending time out in the garage making things. Good days. I have no doubt that Olier’s was pretty looking. He has a very high standard for some things, and he has some serous potential! Oh Camden. We have a word here for kids just like him…Smecher (Sh-ME-KIR), a.k.a. punk. It is fun to say though. It sounds like a lot of fun. Oh, man I only have dreams now about functional branches and wards. I asked my companion if such a thing existed! He told me that there are a few in Romania! I didn’t believe him for a second. Apparently, the Pandur Branch in București has fifty people show up!!!! 50!!! That is almost mind blowingly huge! I bet they use two trays of each bread and water for the sacrament!!

I love hearing about work dad! Work is super good! I have read more articles in the Liahona’s than I have ever in my life, and a lot of them talk about how critical it is that the father works and makes a living. It is healthy dad! You are also my hero, btw. Thanks for being the best dad ever! You have taught me so many things that I smile at because I am starting to tell other missionaries what you have told me, to help them! I hope that I can be as cool, and good as you someday! Just keep in mind that I brag about you two (mom and dad) to all the others, so…no pressure ;).

I miss mountain biking so much! I loved the feel of going fast, and even the risk of serious injury! I am grateful that nothing has happned, but it is just right there. Enjoy it every single time you go, it is sorely missed here. For Abby, those are all very fun races to run, especially the relay’s! She will do such a good job. This is for Abby, but it is a story for all i guess. before I would run a race, every single time, I would talk with the people in my heat (the ones I would actually be racing) and I would tell them “oh you will beat me so badly” or “try not to kick up too much dust when you run past me, I am allergic to eating it.” Just dumb little things. It would calm me down a little, and it made others laugh. The scariest part is when you would climb into the blocks, and be waiting for the gun. Life stood still in those moments. The funny thing about those races is that in my senior year, I almost never lost ;). So I would pass these guys, and beat them! I would cross the finish line and then go and talk with them, and try to boost their spirits. It was a super funny thing I did, but I did it. Every single race. I remember one specicifc one, it was the Conference race. I took first in the 200 for that race, even though I was supposed to be fifth. I felt bad talking to the guys afterward, because they knew they should have beaten me. 😉 but they didn’t! Just be happy with your success and for others success! Remeber the talk by Stevenson? on Sunday morning, about the olympians.

This week has also been a trying week, because out of the three investigators we have, we dropped two, including the one with a baptismal date, because they keep “bunging” us, or not showing up to appointments, and they aren’t keeping their commitments. Sad week, but it happens. I just try to look for things to laugh at!. Oliver will be amazing once he finds the thing he loves! SO keep up the filming and start thinking about what you want to develop skills wise in whatever you want, because Who knows what the future holds!

I am learning so much about the gospel and I am learning more and more about the safety for the soul (a talk by Elder Holland, one the greatest talks ever). It is the Book of Mormon. Truly this book is the very word of God, and not of man. I know it to be true, and I am finding more peace and comfort in it’s pages than ever. Please read it, all of you. It will save your souls! Mother, I will try to give things to the Lord, more, and I think it hit me this morning that I don’t have to worry about the past anymore, and that I can truly move on. What a good feeling that was. Life is good here. Just keep having fun and living life!

Love, Elder Oldham