Week 23 – Galaţi, Romania

So I opened up my email, and you hadn’t responded to me yet! That’s okay, I know you are busy with things. So this week…let me think. Oh! We went to Bucharest for our District Conference (stake conference) and we had a 70 there: Elder Axel H. Leimer came and talked with us. it was cool, and he told us a lot of very interesting things! We need to be more bold than we have been, and we feel like we have been pretty bold as is.

Oh this is a funny story/scary story. So we went block knocking with the sister missionaries. Two very nice sisters. (One of them is fairly new, and so speaks basically no Romanian). So we went block knocking and My companion and I were sitting on the steps a floor above them (because we had finished the floor we were on before them) and they had stopped and were talking with this man. So we just sat and listened in case something went wrong. So we sat there and then one of them shouted “hiadeti Elderii” (come here!), and so we went running. Apparently this guy had told the sisters to come inside.  His two kids were home, but his wife wasn’t, so the sisters said they couldn’t go in, and the man grabbed one of the sister’s arm and basically started to drag her in.  Turns out this man didn’t mean any harm, he was just a very friendly guy. So that was a scary moment. I thought I would have to tackle someone on my mission! Who knew? Apparently it is actually pretty common for the sisters to be touched by guys. Meaning grabbed or just akwardly touched. Men here don’t really have boundaries. One the sisters got goosed once! It was an old man, so nothing really serious, but they didn’t know what to do.

I hope things are going well at home… Oh one more piece of news. This deserves a little drum roll…………Dad is the Winner! He guessed I would receive Insanity on the 21st of Aprilie, and I received it the 26th! Congrats go out to him, and he receives a high five from 6000 miles away. After a week or two (after the awkward sore days) I will make a small video and send it to you guys, it is pretty crazy stuff. 😉 I love hearing about anything that does go on at home.

Q:Abby, will you make sure to tell me your track times, and how you do?

Q:Oliver, will you tell me something new you learned from your Book of Mormon reading? 😉 (that means start 😉 )

Q: Lilly, will you tell me how school is going, and how you are being a good example for the other students there? (I know you are already the best example 😉 )