Week 24 – Galaţi, Romania

Life is good here! I did know about the new mission president and in fact we had our last interviews with President and Sora Hill this Saturday. It was hard for all of us. We really like them, and they are just super duper nice! I think it will be good to get a new Mission President though. Please note that I love President and Sora Hill, but I am curious as to what the new president will do.

I talked with Sora Hill about the attitude of the mission, and it made me a little sad. It is this: because it is hard, we don’t have to work hard. that is literally the attiutde and it bothers me! I love working hard! There is nothing better than coming home after a long day of work, and landing on your pillow. I have had some really great nights rest from those days.

It has been really interesting to be with my companion on his last transfer. One, because all his packing stress has gotten me stressed. I have felt that I should be going home too, and I am not ready to come home yet. I have been freaking out about packing and what I am going to do when I get home…then it hits me, I am not going home for another year and six months!

Oh interesting fact on the 10th it will mark exactly one year and six months left! That is crazy! I lose ten days on my mission, so I wouldn’t have been out for six months quite yet, but pretty close. Things are going by so stinking fast! I have no idea where the time goes!

I really liked seeing the pictures of Washington D.C.! I want to go there so badly. I will just have to budget my money and take my wife there someday! (random fact, I have actually budgeted my money very well out here! I have set up this envelope system and it has worked very well for me!) I love seeing Seth! It makes me want to have kids so badly! However, I think that maybe only having that energy for a short period of time, is what makes them really cute ;). I was interesting to here about Jim’s wedding. I have thought about it a lot out here (not because I am not focused, but it is the next sacred ordinance in my life). It has really hit me how important it is to have that temple sealing. I even thought that if my wife and I only had just the two of us get married then jump in a taxi and go home, just the two of us, no ceremony, or family, just the sealing and us, it would be one hundred percent worth it! Granted I would want everyone there that could make it but, if it came down to that, it would still be the very best day ever!

I am really sad about the Av’s. I had high hopes. I even thought, “o’l Patrick has some words to say to that team”, and then they lose…ugh. Oh well, it’s just a game. I learned that Galaţi has a hockey team, and I know where the rink is! It was a good moment for me.

Abby, good job on your track meet! I was thinking about the girl that fell…well…that does happen…(secretly cheering in the back)…I don’t know if that is a sin or not…hmmm… If you want triple jump advice ask Sora DeFord. She was a very good triple jumper. I think she almost went to state for it.

I sometimes wonder what the ward is going to look like when I get back. I think that besides some new faces, it will be exactly the same…WAIT…No SONENSTAHLS!!! that is foarte nebun!

Okay…stories…hmmm.. Oh transfers are this week, and I have no idea what will happen. I have a few theories. Theory One: I stay in Galaţi and introduce the new District Leader. Theory two: I might actually become the new District Leader here in Galaţi, and I could be serving with someone younger, or the same mission age as me. Theory Three: I leave Galati. No matter what I will be getting a new companion and I have no clue as to who it could be. However, we already have three missionaries leaving this district already, so I dont think that ‘Theory three is going to happen. Oh good news if I stay! I will get to go to Chisinau again! If that happens, I may ask for some more money…(there are some really cool Soviet Union stuff that I wanted to get, but I didn’t know about it before I went last time). If I leave then I will go somewhere I haven’t ever been! So I am happy anywhere I go. My only stress comes from the possibilty that I could be the next DL here in Galati… hmmm…Oh, then next transfer (not this one in a few weeks) I will probably be training a new missionary out here!!!!!! Ah!!!! That is super freaky!!

Nothing has actually happened here. No real investigators still, which can be a frustrating. But we keep working. I am just trying to learn how to keep going, when it seems like there is no reason too. It is really hard to go outside everyday and keep a positive attitude, and then be denied every time. We went out once, and had 24 people in a row we tried to stop and talk to, not even stop, just keep walking. that was in a matter of 45 minutes too. It was hard, but we turned it into a game. “Can we get to 15 in a row?!!! Yes we can!!!” In the end every single person has there agency, and the more I realize that the happier I get. Besides, I walk down the street with a little swag, thinking “I do Insanity” ;). I iwll try to do a video of it and send it to you, but I want to be in shape first ;). I hope that you all stay positive! Life is hard, but if we stop and see what we do have, rather than what we don’t have, then we will be so much happier! Oh…my Romanian is still a little tough.

There are just a lot of little grammar principles that can change everything in a sentence.

Love, Elder Oldham