Week 25 – Galaţi, Romania

Okay, well this last week has been an interesting one. I wish I could go into all the fine details of the fun we had, but there aren’t any. This week was basically wrapping up my companion’s mission week, and it was actually really stressful. It felt like I was supposed to be going home too, and all the stress of packing was starting to be on my head too. I tried to realize that I am still going to be here for another long period of time, but it was hard, because he has been with me from the very beginning. However, I am looking forward to serving with my new companion. I have been told that he is a great guy, but that if I get a conversation out of him, it is a miracle. He is probably the quietest missionary in the mission, or so I have been told. I am excited though, and I may see what it is like to go vegetarian. We will see how that all works out, but I will work with him, and serve him to the best of my abilities!

I really am looking forward to this next transfer. I am staying in Galaţi, which is really great! (It means that I will be able to go to Chisinau again! That is way fun!

Bravo to you for putting your old bike back together, I bet you are learning so much more about how the mechanics of it all. I wish I could be out on those trails again. Well, kind of, because I love being out here too. I love doing missionary work, even though it is really hard and frustrating. I want to hear all about your stories, but I will talk to you in a short little bit, so…I will probably skype from the branch computer here in the building. It will be great. I think I have a skype profile, but I don’t remember. hmmmm. Well, I will probably have stories this week. so Talk to you soon!

:Love, Elder Oldham