Week 26 – Galaţi, Romania

Dear Family,

This email has a very weird background because of all that has happened before this email.

So…last week, we got called by our District Leader one night and he told us that our villa church thingy will have an inspection on Wednesday. That was only in a few days. We got that call on Friday evening. Now here is the best part. Sunday was Branch Conference, so we had some visitors here, and then Tuesday was Zone Training Meeting in  Iași. So we cleaned the church on Saturday for Branch Conference. Then It came and that dirtied it all up again. Then on Monday we spent all morning cleaning, and that is why emails were really short. Then, we literally left right after cleaning on the 4:40 train that evening to  Iași. The Train ride was the hottest train I have ever been on. Temperature ;). We were sweating so bad. It was actually nasty…and sticky…This really was a hectic few days.

Oh I have to tell you about the chemical leak we had though. So there is a closet on the third floor that has all the chemicals and tp/paper towels in it. There has been a puddle in this room for the longest time, and we haven’t known what it was. So we had to clean it out. After pulling everything out we found the bottle that had leaked, and on it was a corrosive warning! Literally a picture of a hand sizzling. I had been working with this stuff for a little bit! AH! We finished the job, and then spent a long, long time with my hands running under the water. My skin got irritated and was red for a few minutes but nothing serious. No third arm ;). (Darn!).

My companion and I have started doing more missionary work, and it feels so good to be out and working again. Our Zone Training Meeting was also SO GOOD! We talked about how to love the Romanian language. So we decided to make a Romanian persona for each of us. Literally our Romanian selves. So I am thinking about the name and everything, but it is going to be really great. We are also starting to SYL (Speak Your Language) way more. I want to be able to speak it very well. I am thinking about stopping using English altogether! We will see. I really want to be able to speak this language and completely giving in to the culture and language I think is a really good start. Especially because our new mission president will come into the mission speaking really good Romanian. He has been taking private lessons with a man here! This is way intense, but we got fired up to speak more Romanian. I really want to just start talking in nothing but it. I think that when I start talking in it more then I will find the words and grammar that I need to work on. It will be great. I am really excited about my mission again.

Life is good…what else…hmmm. Oh…you might think this is crazy, but I may have bought a European suit. It looks really good on me!  I will take pictures with it on. I look so dang good! Now I should probably be careful, lightning strikes are more common in these the latter days, you know ;).

I am so glad to hear about home. Even though I just talk about some little things here, and then the Gospel. Oh well. I have really enjoyed this past week. It has been such a busy week, and today was so needed.

Bummer for Abby that they only had three track meets, but she is in good shape I am sure! Do you keep a journal? (dad). If you don’t, or you haven’t updated it yet, then please do that. I have been amazed to read my past entries and remember the fun and experiences that I have had. It is really cool, and if the Lord has been blessing you guys so much, then write them down, so your great grand children will know what the Lord has done for them, indirectly! I am sure He is watching over our family right now and is grateful for all the things we are doing for Him.

I will keep my chin up, and I have had a very fun, and exciting week…well…better than most. Lots of travel. It was fun though. I am amazed at how many people are curious about what is happening over here, because for me it isn’t this crazy fun adventure anymore. Some days it is, but not every single day anymore. The hype of it all has gone way down. It still hits me, but not in the way it used to. Maybe more people will read my blog! Blogs…ha. Well, I will email again on Monday and things might go back to normal for a few days. Then in a fews weeks it will be Chisinau again! Crazy. Love you guys!

Love, Elder Oldham