Week 3 – MTC

Romania is looking pretty good right now. ;). However, I have been told that it has humid winters so the wet and cold literally cuts through clothes. ugh.

Oh, no big deal but Elder Nelson, and Elder Cook have given devotionals, and we got 6 inches of snow the night Elder Ballard was supposed to come. Oh well, we will have 3 more apostles or higher in the up coming weeks! AH!.

MTC_Companion_02_1200The spirit of Christmas is really here. I am looking forward to getting out of here though. The cafeteria food is getting gross, and my eyes might kick my brain if they go through another contact situation. The eye doctor told me it wasn’t serious, but that i have irisitis??? Oh well. I can’t wear my contacts the rest of my MTC stay, and I have a very strict two hour eye drop schedule. I am glad I am taking care of it now and not while I am over there. It isn’t a super big deal.

I am finally starting to put together my own sentences in Romanian and can respond to our investigators questions better. I have really felt an improvement, but knowing that we are almost half way through scares me. I can pray in Romanian… which is oober cool.

One of our teachers, is from Romania and has been telling us all kinds of things to look out for, and all the good food we will eat. I can hardly wait to get out there. oh and CTR rings… NOPE they are ACD rings!!!!!

Apparently, one of the other elders prayed that he would get an elder who would help him work out and not back out of it. THAT’S ME!!!!!!  I love it hear and I am making some seriously good friends. The spirit keeps me floating on the hard days, and I kick myself in the pants. The work will go on, and I want to be apart of it, not sitting and moping! there is no time to be sad! We are so busy everyday. I think it is funny, my companion, has gotten four or five packages a week, ever since he got here. So we have a lot of candy and fun trinkets. He is a great guy. He is a surfer dude, and will teach me someday if I want. Super super chill. My best wishes. It is almost Christmas after all.

Elder Oldham