Week 35 – Chișinău, Moldova

Chisnau_06_1200We have had an eventful week this week, not because of anything we did, but because this weekend we met President Ivory for the first time! He came here with a battle plan. He isn’t changing much yet, but he is rather strapping down the already needed things, and then changing the attitude of the mission. We have stopped doing some key indicators and we are doing a new idea called 5 5 5. Which basically means that we are spending our time with Less Active’s, Members, and Investigators equally! Then he really emphasized “finding as you go”. It is a really cool idea, and we are really excited to see it in play.
We are also excited to learn more about the people her in Moldova and eventually back in Romania, We are trying to work better with members, but it is hard here especially because we have had a hard time figuring out which members speak Romanian. We are gong to try to figure that out this week or something. We are also lucky to have a pretty solid branch leadership that I am sure would be willing to help us figure that stuff out. We are just bummed that we didn’t have this concept at the beginning of the transfer. Oh Well, with the new changes, I have a feeling that we won’t be transferred around as much as we did with Pres. Hill. They are really emphasizing getting to know the members and working with them to receive referrals and so on. We are really trying to get that down, and we have been working on that more and more.
I am just grateful that some of the members here now know my name! I have already mentioned that in the past the members here have had the attitude of “we don’t care about the missionaries, moving on”, and that has been a hard for the missionaries who are willing to work hard. it has gotten a lot better though, and I think it will only go up from here. We are planning to go and visit lots of people!
I think people come to my English class because we have a lot of fun, and we laugh and smile and I really like it! I love teaching English and I have fun doing it. We are trying our best out here to build the kingdom and things are going really good right now. I hope that things will continue to grow and be awesome!
I would show you the eagle statue in the rain but I don’t have it, Elder Daland does, on his camera. I will try and get it from him eventually and things will be good. Or maybe he can send you a link to this transfers photos on his google drive. I will chat with him.
I hope Scout camp is fun! Try and get as much done as possible! Whoa wait, girls nights!!!! WOO WOO!!! I hope you ladies of my family enjoy the boys being gone for a little while. I am glad your performance went well (MOM).
Chisnau_02_1200I wish I had more stories but I am uploading more photos. Those should help explain more about how much fun, and how happy we are here. That is one thing that our mission president really wanted to emphasize, and that was that we WILL be the happiest misisonaries on the whole face of the earth. Period. So we are working hard, and having super amounts of happiness dumped upon our heads! ;). We are happy, but how could we not be? We have the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! We are eternally grateful for this knowledge and we hope to bring some people to the knowledge of the truth as well. 😉

keep Active and work hard!

Love. Elder Nick Oldham