Week 37 – Chișinău, Moldova

Well I am glad to hear that things are going good back home, but the news has come in and it has actually been pretty hard for me to take. I am being transferred out of Moldova and back into Romania in the city of Craiova.  I will be in a trio there.

This has been a very hard thing for me to grasp. I love it here. I love Chișinău and I am being moved again! I am really frustrated by that, and on top of that I am NOT training. I had in my head the entire transfer that I would be training because of the math of some past missionary. He had “discovered” that every missionary would train (with the exception of Zone leaders, office elders, and ap’s). So seeing my name out of the place I love, and then not training, was very hard for me. I have friends here, and now we are finally starting to know people here. Our member visits are getting better and better. I am more than disappointed to leave here.

In saying that, I know that the Lord has a plan for me, and I don’t know what that is yet, and frankly I may never know, but if I don’t put my all, whole heart and soul, into my next transfer, then it will be bad. I do know that. I have heard some things about Craiova. They only have 5 active members.  I feel that I am needed there though. I am excited for the challenge, and I know that we will have heavenly help as we work there. I fear being in a trio (The only missionaries there also) that we may have a serious temptation to be lazy and work less. I don’t want that at all. Anyway, It was a tough day, but a hopeful day.

Orhei_Vechi_04_1200It really has been my testimony that has helped me along the way. I am grateful for that knowledge. In saying that this week has been a little slow and not super eventful, except for what we did today. For P-day we decided to go to Orhei Vechi. Or in other words Old Orhei. Orhei is a city here. Anyway, it was really really cool and pictures can only give you a hint of the coolness of this trip. So much fun! We also went with a lot of other people here too. It was a lot of fun. So very beautiful too! I will try to download those pictures as best I can as soon as possible.

I am glad to hear all the stories, but this week didn’t have a ton of adventure besides Orhei.  Although we did have a member visit with the branch president here, and when we left we looked at each other and we asked ourselves if this was how American missionaries felt! It was super awesome, especially because it was all in English. Their kids only speak english, and so we spoke in all english. it was really nice, and very spiritual. That is part of the reason I am frustrated to leave. It will be interesting to get back to Romania though. More things to do! More missionary work to do!

Try to read the scriptures as a family more this week! There is endless happiness and comfort from reading them together!

Love, Varstnicul Oldham