Week 40 – București, România

Well this week has actually proven to be a very interesting one. We started English and actually had a wonderful crowd show up. We had almost 30 people our first day! Which is pretty good for a small town. So we had English and it was a lot of fun. Like normal. Then we went about the week just doing our thing.

We did get invited to go play soccer by these two guys who saw us playing a little bit after they had left. That was pretty cool, but nothing out of the ordinary has really come up. Up until Saturday.


SO we got up did our normal thing, and I had a very good morning study and I knew what I needed to do for our spiritual thought on that day in English. It was actually pretty cool. So we then went to English and taught a wonderful spiritual thought. Probably one of the best ones I have done on my mission thus far. It was really good. We were feeling really good. So we hung out at the church for a little bit, and left it at that. We then decided to go home and grab some lunch. As we were walking home, President Ivory called us. Naturally we gave the phone to our District Leader. We had figured President would call us, and so this wasn’t a surprise. We knew that he had wanted to talk about contacting ideas. Anyway, I walked into this shoarma store, and the District Leader told me to come here. He looked a little shocked. So I took the phone I started talking to President Ivory. He told me that he had some news for me. Instantly I thought, “okay who died? Maybe it was…” Then he continued “We have a wonderful opportunity for you.”  He then asked me to come and be the District Leader in Panduri, Bucharest. He also told me to pack my bags that day and the AP’s would be there that night to pick me up. WHAT!?! Anyway, as of this very moment I am the new District Leader in Panduri, Bucharest. There is a little curve ball for you guys. I got E. T’d. (Emergency Transferred). That was a shock, and I can still hardly believe it. But as the time goes by and as I am in the capital I have come to grips with it.

Bucharest_04_1200Actually, I am super excited to be here. It really is a good opportunity to work in a big city with lots of potential. It has been a really crazy few days, and I am still a little sleep deprived, but I got here and I feel like this is where I need to be right now. It was really interesting. Anyway, I am in București now. Thought I would throw that at you.

Oh my new companion is an excellent guy, and we are really going to work hard to play hard! I was already told of a goal to get to Peleș Castle. Which would be super cool to go and see. Anyway, not much has happened after that, but I will probably have stories to tell you next week. Especially now that I have a lot of responsibility here in Buch. You guys are awesome and I love you all!

Love, Varstnicul Oldham

P.S. We are in downtown basically, and our apartment is actually just across the street form the church building. Which is super cool! I have 8 missionaries, including myself, to watch over and do a lot of work with. I am super excited. Zone leaders have more to do with multiple cities, and we work through our zone leaders to reach the president really. It is pretty cool, but I am pretty nervous. I figured I would just be me, and everything will be okay. I am a fired up missionary with ideas and a love for the Gospel. I think that’s a good thing!