Week 47 – București, România

What happened this week. Hmmm…as I think I will respond to your email.

Something I really liked about the story of the stripling warriors, wasn’t just the main verses, but there is a verse that tells me something about what was going on at home. There is a verse that says that these warriors received supplies from their fathers. It makes me wonder how often they fasted and prayed that their sons would make it back alive. It also shows that they weren’t just sitting there idly waiting, but rather helping in any way they felt like they could. Very inspiring to me.

It is super interesting to hear about the BoM on Pawn Stars, but it is about time! I mean those books are very valuable…spiritually of course ;). It is also interesting to think about you trying to cut down the huge tree in our front yard. ;). Remember that time when we got climbing gear and we got the kite down? Good times. Trish came over and told us that something crazy was always happening at our house. She couldn’t have been more true! It will be weird to see our house without that tree there. Oh well.

I think it would be really cool if you helped this guy from Poland. Who knows, it could be a really cool business experience? Maybe it will be very successful? It is also cool that you might receive an award for Tucanos. I sure hope so as well. It is just a dang good restaurant too!

It is also good to hear that the kids are staying busy. Idle time, is dangerous time. We should have time to relax and enjoy each others company and asa mai departe, but idle time is where you are left to think about what to do, and that makes room for temptations. It can be bad. I am just trying to avoid it all together. It’s nice because as a missionary, you should have something planned every single day! We are always busy! Or at least we try to be.

This week had some really cool moments. On P-day, we went to this Piata called The Red Dragon. Literally 12 massive buildings of little stores selling who knows what. Mainly it was just clothes, but it was cheap and cool! It was so very big, and we found a Chinese supermarket store and we bought these little cans of what it says was milk. It wasn’t milk, but it was good! We had some lessons, and some member visits, which is always good.

This week was another opportunity to go slack lining. Which was successful again. It stops people and that always starts up conversation. The really cool thing was that this Friday we put on a movie night for our English students. We would play a movie in English, with Romanian subtitles. They could hear English better, and they could learn new words in a way that wasn’t just us talking at them. So we watched Frozen. :). It is a good movie. I really liked it, and I learned a few new Romanian words. Funny story about that though. When I first got into the country we went and watched Frozen in Romanian, no English subtitles. Of course, being only two weeks into the mission field, I didn’t understand any of it. However, in reading most of the subtitles I realized that I could have totally watched it in Romanian and understood most of it! It was really cool to see how I grew.

We also have started advertising for a new activity we are going to try and do. A Zombie fun run! Where people can come and run for free, but while they run, they have to run away from zombies chasing them and zombies in the path, and all that fun stuff. It should be really really cool. We have some super cool posters and we are going to make cards and hand them out. The purpose of this is to meet new people and bring them to the church in a way that isn’t just us going out there and wasting time with people who don’t care. However, it brings people to us and then they will see that we are normal people. It is a good idea and we are pretty excited to get it going. That is pretty much it for this week. It has been busy, but nothing really crazy has happened.

I had a thought, if there is anything you want me to buy out here for Christmas, like gifts, just tell me. I do live in Europe, and leather jackets are really cheap. So are lots of things. Point is, if you guys have stuff that maybe i can buy, just tell me and I can look for stuff too. You won’t have me in Europe forever ;).

keep trying to have DAILY scripture reading. I promise there is power in it. I have also been drawn lately to family history work. Maybe something that would be cool would be to find some names and go down and do some temple work with names of our ancestors. I can guarantee that it will mean more. 😉

Love you all,
Varstnicul Nick Oldham