Week 48 – București, România

I literally can’t even imagine what our house looks like right now. I mean the basics of our yellow house, but without that huge tree? Nope, can’t see it. That tree has always been there! I am a little surprised at the age of it though. That is actually impressive. I bet you and brother Tanner had a lot of fun with that.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWell…do I have a few stories for you. This week was looking like a normal week. With a few exceptions. Our zone leaders are in my district and they had a baptism set up for this last Saturday, and so we were thinking about that and we were all pretty excited to have that happen. We went into a lesson on Tuesday with this great guy we have been teaching. We had been wanting to set a baptismal date with him for a while, and he was already ready, he just needed to kind of step up to the plate. SO the lesson didn’t start the way we wanted to and we tried to get it to the topic of baptism. Finally we did, and we asked him when he would want to be baptized. (we had discussed earlier that if he set his own baptismal date, then he would be more likely to follow through with it, because it wasn’t something placed upon him by us). Anyway, he asked us if we could do it with the other guy the zone leaders were baptizing, that Saturday. What? DUH! Of course you can! SO we met up with him every single day this last week and on Saturday we had a double baptism! AH! I have been working with him since I got to Panduri, but he has been an investigator for years, and he finally stepped up and stole home base! It was so cool to see him change too, even in the short time span that I was able to teach him! It really was amazing. I am so grateful that I was able to see that change in him. It was actually truly amazing to see too! It was really cool to be at a baptism that I had dreamed about having. The Lord’s hand was truly in it and we are all very grateful to have these two new members in our branch here. They are really great guys and we hope the very best for them. We will also probably be in charge of doing his recent convert lessons, so that will be cool. Then we might be able to work with our new mini IPad.

Now on to the second story. After the baptismal ceremony, President Ivory pull some aside for a moment and gives me a brand new IPad mini and tells me to work with it. Test it out and see how it can help our contacting and teaching here in this mission. So we are a part of the Beta group that gets to test out the IPad’s in our mission before we all get our own personal one around Christmas. I think we won’t have it for a long period of time, but it will be cool to see how it could benefit our work. It has been really cool to use the LDS Library too. So much information and so many things to read. I love it. I also love general conference and so my life is actually very happy and full right now.

It has been a very interesting week. We have really been working hard for this Zombie fun run too! This week is going to be crazy too. We have Transfer Boards this week, and we have the Fun Run. I will take lots of pictures, don’t worry about it ;). President Ivory is down for fun activities that have a purpose behind them. The purpose of the fun run is to talk with a lot of people and find people to teach during the cold months that are to come. Proselyting is hard when it is snowing, so teaching is always a good thing to do instead. We are hoping to find a lot of potentials through this activity. It is really exciting. We are pretty busy, and yet it also seems like we should step it up a little bit. I am going to figure out what I can drop in my life now, and what I need to pick up, to improve my missionary work, and my life. It has been a really good week though. A truly inspiring week, with lots of testimony building moments. We are just super grateful to have had the success that we have received, but we are also hoping to bring more than just Levent to the waters of Baptism. We are even thinking about having Levent help us with some of our work, to maybe get him fired up about the work even more.

Sleepovers!!!!! What! Are you kidding me? Who caved? Who gave in? Was it Dad or Mom? That is not fair… Oh well. Hey I have been at one big sleep over for a while now, so things are all good ;). I hope that they had a good time. Did you make the girls clean up the forks? Oh the irony in that ;).

Hey, keep me posted with other things! Keep up the other work with reading the scriptures, and it is amazing to find revelation in them as I have recently. Just keep fighting, and share the gospel with all those around you! We love referrals! 😉

Love, Varstnicul Nick Oldham