Week 49 – București, România

I am glad to hear that everyone is happy! It is amazing how simple it is to be that way too! We forget sometimes how to be happy in the hustle and bustle of work or school, but little blessings from the Lord can change a lot of attitudes. I love the pictures. It looked like a lot of fun and I would have loved to be there…but I can’t be right now. Abby looks older, but not that much older. 😉 How did they put a hole in the wall? They probably had a little bet. I can picture that. “Ten bucks to the first person to put a hole in the wall.” *said half joking*…moments later…”…Oh no…”

I am done being sick. it was just coughing at night, and stuffy nose all day, but it has gone away. I am grateful for that. Especially because we have a lot of singing things to do this transfer. I will have to keep you updated on the activities we do.

For a P-day we decided to go bouldering. Which is basically mini rock climbing and you fall on a big “crash pad”. It was a lot of fun, and I am really bad at it. I also didn’t feel very good, but my companion is really good at it, and we actually got a contact out of it! It was really cool to see how us being normal people having a good time was able to lead to a potential! We might try more things like that to find really cool people to teach and bring closer to Jesus Christ. That was a neat little experience we had.

Bucharest_26_1200Transfer day came and left, and that brought old friends together, and a neat time to catch up. I am still here in Bucharest, which I am happy about. There is a lot happening that I want to be apart of here, and I don’t know if I would have had the same opportunity elsewhere. I like that about here, lots of things to do. The branch is also really cool!

On Sunday, one of the new converts, Alex, made us ciorba! It was so stinking good. We also had meat in red sauce, and potato wedges, and a carrot salad thing. It was very very good. I took pictures too. I will have to upload them to my drive.

That is pretty much it. I have way more things to say about what I have learned spiritually though. I have had a lot of thoughts and a lot has happened, but I am just grateful to say that there is peace in knowing that God is pleased with you. Even if you aren’t pleased with yourself. I am learning how important it is to have God be pleased with you then others. I am also learning that sometimes the thing that the Holy Ghost needs you to do, is the thing you want to do least, due to the absolute attempt to stop you from doing it. I learned that one from Sora DeFord actually, but it has been interesting to see it play out in my life right now. I haven’t wanted to do a lot of things, but when I think about why I don’t want to, I can see through the deception. That has been the case with a few situations, and by choosing the opposite I have been able to feel the sweet peace that comes from choosing the right. Interesting how the adversary works. I am grateful though for the tugs from the Spirit and that is something that I am trying to feel more and more, but I feel that the Spirit will impress missionaries that He trusts. Which means that I need to be living obediently and be working hard. If I don’t do that then why would He want to put someone in my path? Just some thoughts for you.

Two quick things. 1:Update my blog ;). 2: Could I receive the decadent french toast recipe? I will probably think of more stuff…ugh. I love you guys very much and have a wonderful week!

Love, Varstnicul Nick Oldham