Week 52 – București, România

I don’t have much time today, because our p-day got switched, so I will write a bigger one on Thursday I think!

I actually have time now. I can’t think of anything. This happens rather frequently. Okay, so we have had a couple of crazy things happen, and a Sora went home with medical purposes (chronic migraines or something like that..I feel bad for her), which caused a girl from Brasov to be a missionary for 5 days, and then after five days she will go home, and a different Sora will go home, because her time is up. That is kind of a crazy thing. It has been fun to work with the girl from Brasov though, and she has been thinking about a mission anyway, so…

To be really honest with you, not a ton happened this week. No cool stories, or really anything. It is the next few weeks that will be exciting. We have a fireside on Thursday with a guest speaker, and I get to perform in that. (That’s the accompanying thing 😉 ). I am really nervous, especially because the song is hard on the piano. I will see if maybe someone can record it. ;).

I thought of something! So this last week we had a another movie night which turned out very successful. We had a ton more people show up, and I am going to talk to president to see if maybe we can have another one this week. We have been trying this new thing of only teaching ten minutes lessons ans making them really powerful. The movie night would be a good place to just snag someone real fast and ask if they have ten minutes! Apparently it is highly successful in other missions. I just hope that I can do good in those.

I am have started doing a new studying thing, where in I find a new favorite scripture for the day! It has been really easy! I mean there is so much gold in the scripture, and man can that Apostle Paul write! I have really enjoyed his writings lately. That has been good.

Meditation_1200We are just trying to hold together as we start really practicing for our musical stuff. That should be really fun though. I am excited. It is a really good opportunity for us to share the spirit that can come from singing and music. I will try to answer your questions better later, and I think I will have more time on Thursday but I am not sure…You guys are awesome and I love you guys very much!