Week 59 – București, România

This was another hand written letter that I have transcribed here.

Dear Family,

Writing has been a big part of my mission. Hand writing that is. To my journal to one hand written letter every week. I haven’t missed a week :). I feel like my hand writing is different depending on the pen I use. That sounds weird, but some pens are smoother than others. I don’t write a ton in ROmanian. It’s hard. There are different principles of grammer for writing than in speaking. Reading Romanian books is hard because of that.

The past few weeks I have fasted and prayed more than I probably ever had for help. I have never felt closer to my Savior. He will continue to help me as I am obedient, but the changes I have made in the last month have changed everything. My trajectory is different and it’s where it needs to be.

BOM_02We did teach another investigator this week and it was okay. He told us that he is a scientific guy, and needs better reasons. We’ll keep working with him.

Wow…only 10 more months! AH! I better make them count! Time is such an invention of man. I didn’t really do anything crazy for or cool. It’e been slow and touch, buy we stay happy! We will be learning transfer boards this week, which is so crazy.

Dad you said that you have been really having a strong desire to not be away from Mom. I have something for you to read! Newest General Conference edition (Liahona Nov. 2014). Elder Richard G. Scott. Note 6. President Spencer W. Kimball’s remarks.

Keep studying your scriptures. I have a challenge! There is 531 pages, and a total of 239 chapters in the Book of Mormon. I challenge you all, as a family, to finish the Book of Mormon before I get home. I know you will see blessings poured out upon you. Will you all do that? Veți citi toate versete și capitoli din Cartea Lui Mormon?

Love, Varstnicul Nick Oldham