Week 61 – Brașov, România

This was another hand written letter that I have transcribed here.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Brasov_02Let’s see what happened this week. Oh yeah! I no longer live in București. Transfers rolled around and I have found myself in the city of Brașov, România. It is a city in the mountains. It’s so amazingly pretty. If anyone ever visits Romania, Brașov is a must see! The local branch here is almost the exact opposite of the Panduri branch. Half the people at church are under 14 years old. Church can be a zoo. I loved it…but I did have to catch a kid who was climbing over the glass wall of the baptismal font. It will be interesting working with this branch. I’m excited!

I went on a a hike this week which was so pretty. It went up above the city and it was very pretty. It’s still pretty cold here, but we’ve see some warm days. I really hope I can stay in this city for spring. That would be so beautiful.

Brasov_03I did have a good spiritual experience at church though. While trying to gather the kids, I was thinking “why don’t you just obey!” Then I felt really silly. I received this thought “I wonder how often my Father in Heaven says the same thing to me.” What went through my mind when dealing with those kids was how the Gospel could help them if they would only do the simple things. In Mosiah 4:10 the last line, after explaining the Gospel principles and what the angel had told him to say, it says “if you believe all these things see that ye do them.” If doesn’t say “see that he or she does them,” but us, personally. I can only control myself and I have the power to be obedient. I don’t want to disappoint the Lord. It was a humbling moment, but a needed one.

It’s been a good week! I hope things are going fine at home!

Love, Varstnicul Nick Oldham

P.S. Who is doing my challenge? Remember, it’s better as a family 😉