Week 62 – Brașov, România

Bran_17I’M BACK!!!!! To emailing that is. It is nice to be able to read all that you wrote more in depth and not feel so rushed to write a hasty response. All I know is that I am so grateful for my family. I reread Abby’s letter. Thank you so much Abby! It was really nice to read that again and feel like I am not missing out on anything. That is probably the only thing I feel like I am missing. EVERYTHING! I know, however, that what I am doing out here is the right thing, and that I need to be here for somebody. I don’t know who, but that there is someone that really needs me. I have been blessed by the Lord to have already met some people that I could work with closely and help them see the beauty of the Gospel. I hope that you all can see the beauty of the Gospel as well. Too often I think I forget what I have. My gratitude level goes down, and I see all the things I can’t do. Then I look back and realize all the traps and snares of the lies of the Great Deceiver, Satan. Who is the Father of all lies. He is relentless and will never give up. So neither must we! I have learned out here by seeing the decisions of others, and even some silly decisions that I have made recently how what seems like a freeing act, really binds you and makes you a slave. Just typing this a quote came to my mind. “Freedom and discipline are not trade-offs.” Think about that for a minute. This quote was in the context of learning about self-control. It is a good quote, and watching both ends of the spectrum, those who choose dumb, and those who choose right, has allowed me to have a clearer perspective of what my true purpose is. Now that might be a little weird to hear, my purpose? What does that mean? Recently I have been blessed to watch, and read a YSA Conference with Randal L. Ridd. He talked about Real Intent. Oh man have I been a little off. If you have not read or seen it yet, Please do. It is worth the time. He talks about the “Why” of things and why knowing the why of things is important. It has been a deep study of mine this past week.

Bran_10So as to not leave you hanging with my silly choices this week you must understand that it has been a sick week for my companionship and so we didn’t get outside much. You can easily lose your mind. I got sick Monday evening and threw up (first time in 8-9 years), and my companion got sick after that and is feeling better today. All week has been a scripture, language, survival study and many other things. I decided to buy an energy drink once. That was dumb. Crammed inside all day, and bouncing off the walls…I had a really good study of Revelations though. Anyway, I may or may not have had an energy drink every day that week. I got a lot done though! However, my body crashed on Sunday and I was so physically exhausted. Thus the whole trap of my silly decision. This week I have learned how to make a perfect Toga, I read almost all the Pauline Epistles, I read lots of magazines, and made a blanket fort. I would like to get outside and find some people to teach. English classes here are going to be huge, so we will get lessons out of that.

Okay to your emails. Oliver, I am bummed to hear about the new law. That’s DUMB! You’ll get your license though, don’t worry. Just remeber the responsibility of one who drives. Be safe. There are lots of castles to make (Minecraft), raquetball to play, and much laughter to be had with you! Keep working in school. Education is something that is ordained by God. After all, when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, what happened? They gained knowledge of what was right and wrong. The Lord said that they had become like him, knowing good from evil. Knowledge must be pretty important if that is a factor in the separation between God and men. Find what you like! Just keep swimming! Life, with the Gospel, gets a whole lot more fun! Work hard, Play hard! That’s my motto in the mission.

Brasov_04Abby, I hope you get in to the ballet thingy at BYU. Did I tell you I had two ballerina friends at BYU. They were always busy with it, but they were really nice. It would be a really good experience for you! You keep smiling, and if one of those stupid stake boys thinks they can dance with you, they better treat you right, or else…bad things would happen. I do live in Romania…one learns a few tricks of the trade here. Stay close to the Savior and He will stay close to you. Seems silly, but you will never know how badly you want Him next to you until He isn’t there. It is easier to say “why would I do that?” than say “Why did I do that?”. Trust me.

Lilly, Good job on you swimming! That is an amazing sport! It is also super healthy for your heart, and joints! Keep it up! I also hope that you are learning to love the scriptures. Yes…learning, to love the scriptures. It doesn’t just come out of nowhere. You must “search diligently” and “feast upon the word’s of Christ” that’s how the scriptures become priceless treasure. I hope you read them every night. A consistent flow of spiritual nourishment will make all the difference in your life.

Brasov_05Mom, You are going to audition for the VOICE!!! WHAT!!!!! I am super duper stoked! Wow. Acesta este super cel mai OKAY! (okay is like top dog here. It is so funny to see that all over town. Look it’s okay pizza!). I hope that you will do good and have fun! I have a gift for you that I hope you will enjoy. It is a hand drawn picture of the Savior by an aethist communist here in town, and it is by far the most amazing drawing of Him that I have seen. It is the typical “Mormon” Jesus, if I can say that, but it is so amazing. I hope that you will like it when I can send that to you. I also did visit Bran! Today in fact and I took lots of pictures. Good thing my memory card is acting up again! I am actually very upset by it, but we will figure something out. It was super cool! And Cold! But that’s okay!

Dad, I hope work is going good for you . Thanks for being such a good provider for our family. Sometimes it can seem like you aren’t doing everything you could be doing, but you have raised us loving the Savior and His Gospel. That is true success. Who cares what this world has to offer, because I know that you are laying up treasures in heaven. And we all know that where your treasure is, there also is your heart! You have been such a great example for me and I am proud to call you my dad! Thanks for mentioning my challenege in sacrament meeting. Who knew it would have an effect like that? We all need to turn to the scriptures more though. We can find ourselves in it. What an amazing promise that we have been given. I hope that you guys will see that as you try to relate the scriptures to you. Will you tell me where you guys are at at the end of each email, and maybe I will follow along sometimes? Be happy, but don’t be satisfied. (you know, with things of the spirit).

Love, Varstnicul Nick Oldham (ME)