Week 63 – Brașov, România

Brasov_06Okay…long email time. I did update my google drive with some cool pictures I thought. Just in time for my camera to take a bath…in Pepsi. I accidentally left a bottle lid not shut all the way, and all my items in my satchel took a twenty minute bath in Pepsi. We did the whole rice thing, but I think the sugary liquid has caused a pretty bad problem and so now my camera doesn’t work. However, we are going to take it to a camera fixer guy. It should be pretty fine…I hope.

This week wasn’t too crazy. We just keep trying to work hard and find people to teach. We did start english class, which is always a good way for us to find people to teach. We did actually find two new investigators from our advanced English class. They are super nice and fun! We have only taught them a few English classes outside of the normal classes, but after the first one, we went bouldering with them. He is a bouldering instructor and is really really really good at it. It is sufficient for me to say that my forearms, are still a little sore. We went on Friday. Yeah. I don’t move like that very often. It was so much fun though. We have high hopes with them and the gospel too!

We also went out and chopped wood today at a members house. We chopped a lot of wood! I felt like a Minnesotan because I wore my purple flannel! I will try to get some pictures from Elder Bair who went with us. I love chopping wood. I don’t know why, but I really like doing that. Probably my favorite thing to do as service. Anyway, we don’t really have any crazy stories this week. We did have some weird weather though. We thought it was going to turn into spring last week. It was so warm and the sun was shining. It was so great! Then it snowed, half a foot, and dropped lots of degrees. Back to winter now. We are happy that the sun is supposed to come out soon!

I can not believe that Oliver is 16! La multi ani! I blew up a soda bottle for his birthday…Vinegar and baking soda have a weird effect when shaken in a bottle… :). My companion and I try to work hard and have fun. I haven’t laughed this much than in any of my previous transfers. I am really grateful for that! We are coming off of sicknesses too, so our work should be going up.

Bran_04I’m glad that you guys are doing my challenge! Something I have been doing lately is throwing my name into verses. It makes them a whole lot more meaningful when it seems completely written for you, which it is. I mean Moses did see me. ;). It is a cool thought, and maybe something you guys should try in the next few chapters.

Service really is where it is at! I mean it may seem silly to the world, but I mean that is where we find who we are. The Savior led a life of service, and are we not supposed to follow in His footsteps? I just feel so stink’n good when I do service! Even when it is just servng my companion. That has been something I have learned recently. Even though I live with him 24/7 I still need to serve him as often as possible. Little things go a long way. I have had a good week. I hope you all have had a good week too! Don’t worry Abby! I only have like 9 months left! That is no time at all! ;)…oh wow…

Love, Varstnicul Oldham