Week 68 – Brașov, România

I have been engaged gosh darn it! I like to think that I am working hard anyway. I have been trying to up my game, and it has been amazingly hard. Not because I am not doing what I should be but because the temptation to sink even slightly lower than the bar I have set is there, constantly. I have had some of the most spiritual studies on my mission this last week.

Brasov_31Things are warming up and that makes me so happy. I am also happy that I am able to be here right now as a missionary. I realized that a week ago marked my 8 months left. That is a little freaky. I hope that I can really focus in and work hard these last few months. This last week we had zone conference, and that was really good. I am grateful that I can serve in such a beautiful land, with some of the best members that I have ever met. They are true pioneers here. I mean I have met the first member. It was crazy. Anyway, we were told at Z.C. that the traditional method (hi we are missionaries…etc.), is no longer allowed. So to speak. We were told to stop using it all together, and to start acting like normal human beings. When we start normal conversations with normal people, then those people become solid investigators. That was kind of nice to hear. The traditional method doesn’t work here, like at all. It was really good.

Then we had a bunch of lessons. We have a few investigators that are promising. One particular brother is the most promising. He is a young man, who is interested, and we do lots of things with him. Normal things. For example, we played ping pong outside in a park with him, that was fun, and we went to a soccer game with him as well. That was also fun. We have taught him once, but he is curious, and I think that he would make an excellent member. I have high hopes for him.

Laser_Show_01Oh! We were out running one night (we moved our time) and we saw a fire, laser show in Centru. It was so stinking cool! It was good that my new camera doesn’t allow videos on my 64 GB card…ugh. I didn’t have the one that works either. I did get a few cool pictures though. It really was cool. I will have to upload the pictures.

Did the package have my triples in it? Because I received my Cluj bound books and they are really really freaking cool. I will send them home in some of my old clothes, so that it will be packaged well. I need to order some other ones too. It is just so darn cool.

My daily journal has been slacking a little, but I do write everyday. My study journal is starting to get filled though, and I like that a lot. I want to keep writing in it, and all the impressions that i get. I think it would be very beneficial.

What do you mean you share my insights at church? that’s not a bad thing btw.

I love you guys atat de mult!
Love, Varstnicul Nick Oldham