Week 69 – Brașov, România

I have a ton more videos and photos, but this computer at the internet cafe is really dumb. I am figuring it out, slowly.

Brasov_20I decided to start a new goal, and that was to get at least one picture a day, until I go home. I thought that would help me remember some things, in the future. Normally we taught people that were interested in the church through our English classes, or through those people that come up to us and are interested (rarely happens). Anyway, we are finding out that if we just sit in centru and talk to people telling them that “I am an alien” trying to learn their language, they are more likely to accept hearing a small message about Christ. It is something I want to do more often. I like this approach more too, because it allows us to do more things in public, like go to soccer games, and things, because that’s where we are “normal” people. It is really cool. I like it a lot. I feel like I can teach more effectively if people know that we are normal people trying to be better, just like them, than as these weird American missionaries.

Brasov_19I had a pretty homesick day just a few days ago. I was just kind of at my last straw and I realized how long I had been gone, and how much I missed, which made me miss you guys a lot. However, I am out here doing my best to build the kingdom of God. How great is my calling? I think it is pretty darn good. I feel like I am doing good too! We have this new investigator. She is awesome! She is very interested, and we are even thinking about a baptismal date for her. She also has a fifteen year old daughter, who is also interested.

Good job to Oliver for stepping up a little bit. Sort of… He is on the right track though, right? I mean it is good that he is trying to manage himself better. Everyone should do that here and there. I even need to do that here! Sometimes I will step back and ask myself what is the best thing for me to be doing in that moment. Lots of times I realize that it isn’t that I am doing something bad, but that I am doing something good! However, it isn’t the BEST thing I could be doing. It is a little different with missionary work, but maybe there are some connections.

I got a call today from President Ivory. he told me that he knew that I was in a trio for a reason. (Not exactly the greatest start to a conversation for me, given my past history with trio’s). He told me that one of my previous companions, was going in for surgery on his appendix. It wasn’t good. He will be fine, but he got really really sick instantly, and he was rushed to the hospital…now he is fine. Anyway, I am to go with his boboc, and be the “fill in” trainer for at least a week. I will move in and live over there for about a week. It will be good, but that call was so random. I should have expected it though, something bad happens whenever I am in a trio.

Brasov_Branch_02Brasov_Branch_01That was some big news. I think that’s it. We are trucking along. I am really sick of the snow now. It snowed again this week. I went on another hike. I uploaded new pictures on transfers 10 and 11. I ruined my boots. I almost lost a sole from my left boot. Something about sliding down a mountain that will ruin your shoes. Who knew? We had sushi this week. It was really really good. I liked it. We bought protein power to help us recover faster from our work outs. I think I am the only one that needs it, because I am the only one that really works out everyday. I like the taste though, so I am happy.

I am very happy. I love this city and all the people. I love the branch! We are making progress with lots of Less actives and investigators (friends, investigators is really a weird word to call someone). We are happy here. The end.

Love, Varstnicul Nick Oldham