Week 7 – Travelling to Romania

Today is the day that we would normally get an email from Nick.  Yesterday, we got something better.  A phone call!  This was the first time we have heard his voice in 7 weeks since we weren’t able to talk to him on Christmas while he was at the MTC.

Travel_01_1200He is doing great!  The MTC was a good experience for him but he is happy to be out.  After a while, he said, it starts to feel a little like a prison.  A really awesome prison where you have spiritual experiences everyday, but still, it’s nice to be out.

He flew from Salt Lake City to Minneapolis, of all places, and was able to call us during his layover.  There were 8 missionaries travelling together from the MTC to Romania so he did not have to travel alone.


I could tell from his voice that he is really happy.  He was cheerful and quick witted.  He also shared some Romanian.  He has come so far. I’m sure that by now (he landed in Bucharest about 5 hours ago) he is realizing how far he still has to go.  I have been spending about an hour everyday learning Romanian myself.  I hope that when he comes home I can speak a little and help him retain what he has learned.

From Minneapolis he was to fly to Amsterdam.  Then, after a 3 hour layover, he took another flight to Bucharest.  Where, it was about 55 degrees F today (80 degrees warmer than in Baxter).

Travel_03_1200Before he left the MTC he got to meet the Consulate General of Romania.  He said it was an awesome experience.  The General and his wife were so kind and talkative.  It really helped to relieve Nick’s anxieties.  According to them, the Romanian people are very kind and that it is a safe place to go.  If my experience with Carlos Stroia, my daughters dance instructor,  is representative, than I can confirm this assessment.

I am excited for Nick beyond my capacity to say.  We love him and are so very proud of him.

Doug Oldham