Week 85 – Oradea, România

Those pictures are awesome! I am super glad that I got to see those. It made me want to be back on the Carpathians! There are so many more mountains there than there were in Busteni though. I am a little jealous. I love the mountains.

Oradea_02_1200Well this week was long. It started out with all the packing and trying to figure out where to put everything. I collected a lot of stuff in Ploiești. A lot of stuff. I mean it is bad news. I will be throwing a lot of stuff away later though, so it isn’t a big deal. I barely fit things in two suitcases and two backpacks. It was a tight fit. I did it though! They weighed super heavy though. Getting to the train and on it and down to Buch wasn’t too bad. In fact my time in Buch wasn’t bad at all. I hung out with a few missionaries and laughed a little too. That was good. Then we waited for five hours at the gara because our train left Buch at 11:45 p.m. That is really late. We had a sleeper train from Buch to Arad. Oradea_03_1200Then for me it would be a maxi taxi from Arad to Oradea. A long time basically. The sleeper train was cool, but hot and humid so sleep was impossible for me. (That has also started this week of basically zero sleep). I spent a lot of time with my head half-way out the window looking at the stars. There are so many of them as soon as you leave city limits. I loved that part of it, and that helped me calm down and get some sleep. I got up pretty early and just stuck my head out the window. Something about feeling the wind on your face and seeing things go by so fast is really entertaining. I liked it a lot. Eventually we got into Arad late, around 11 o’clock. So we had been on a train for 11 hours. Then we got in line to get on the maxi taxi to go home. my bags didn’t fit in the tiny space in the back. Oradea_04_1200So back on to another train. This wasn’t too expensive, but it meant another 3 hours, leaving at 2:30 p.m. So…after all that time traveling we pull into Oradea at 5 o’clock ish and start walking home. Now the really fun part. It had been pretty hot, but I didn’t think it would be hot enough to melt the bearings in my wheels on one of my suitcases. So the back to wheels (the ones you drag it on) Completely broke of one of my bags. So I flipped it around and half dragged, rolled my bag to the apartment. It took a little while but finally we made it!

The apartment is super nice. Super high ceilings and just so much space. It is super classy, with a huge kitchen. It felt so nice to take a shower. Oradea_05_1200After sweating it out for a few days, it was the best shower ever. All that travel took it out of me for that day, but we still went and contacted for English classes. I have been exhausted. I can not sleep. I don’t know why. I think that once I get completely settled in I might sleep better. I think that that is probably a cause of not sleeping. I love the apartment though. I would love to live in it. It would be perfect. I probably shouldn’t think about that though right now… 😉 Other than that. Oradea is a beautiful city. Really cool old buildings and a cool people too. There are lots of Hungarions here, and I hear Hungarian all the time. I think that that is pretty ocol, but I feel like a first transfer misisonary again sometimes. 😉 Not knowing the language. ;). I will get over that.

Oradea_06_1200The cool thing this week was that for three nights in a row, they had a musical performance of some kind in center. It was really really good, and fun to go. Sunday they had opera and they had two guys do Nessun Dorma, which is like my favorite one. It gave me goose bumps. 😉 I had a lot of fun. I will porbably have more stories for you guys later, in the upcoming week, because we start English classes, and that always has weird stories. 😉 I am glad to hear about your guys’s adventures and I can hardly believe that I only have 18 ish weeks left to be out here. Boy how the time flies. I love you all very much!

Love, Varstnicul Nick Oldham