Week 90 – Timișoara, România

Travel_01_1200So this last week has been an adventure. First of all transfer boards came out and I am now serving in the wonderful city of Timisoara as the branch president. I have lots of new responsibilities, but I think I will be able to handle them just fine. 😉 I am nervous. Somehow though, I will get through it, and I want to get through it wonderifourisly.

The main news is the whole “Mountains to Climb” event. So we had a mission conference in the city of Bușteni at the base of the Carpathian Mountains. (yes the same ones that I’ve had my fun experiences in). It was awesome. We stayed in the main hotel there with our companions. It was so beautiful. Busteni_hike_04_1200We went on a hike to a waterfall, but it rained on us which made things a little…wet. It didn’t bother me, and I don’t think it bothered anyone else either. We were together with all the missionaries in the mountains. How cool is that? It was a lot of fun. On this hike we had a little devotional thingy with a few speakers and a musical performance. It was really good. Then we continued to the hike. I moved around a lot taking pictures for a member in Oradea though so I my not be in a lot of pictures. It was really cool. After that we rushed down and showered. We changed into our suits and went out to dinner at a castle!


I sat outside (it was a lovely evening after the rain) on the balcony thingy overlooking the city of Bușteni and the mountains. It was amazing. We had a wonderful meal that night.
We laughed a lot and even had a musical performance that night at the castle. Then we went home and slept at the hotel. We woke up and drove to the Brașov chapel and had our conference. It was really good, and President Ivory’s sister and her husband spoke too! It was really neat. There was a lot of little things in between but I really can’t explain it all. I loved it though.

Busteni_02_1200I realized how old I was though because I looked around and realized that none of my friends were there. They had all gone home already or they were with their MTC groups. I, thus, didn’t mind floating and taking pictures. It was a lot of fun. After the conference (wait… Okay. So president Ivory was reading some of the responses to the Book of Mormon reading challenge and he said that the Oldham family has already been doing it, but will gladly do it again! Everyone laughed at that one. 😉 You guys are pretty funny. It also made me really proud to know that my family is already doing something like that. It made me feel really good. 😉 )

Timi_Bran_01_1200Then we went to Bran castle. It was really cool. I have already been there, but it was nice to visit again. Then a long bus and train ride to timi. Now here I am. One adventure later and a whole new one about to start. This city has so much potential, but it needs us to work our hearts out. I am excited to be here.

I am glad to hear that things are going well at home, and I would suggest to dad that he wears his sling! It would be bad if there was more problems later due to some negligence. It is worth the wait! I love this mission you guys, and I love serving the Lord. I am sorry that this is a little bit shorter than normal, but we have some things to do today. I am now very very busy. Which is good. 😉 I hope to be able to send more pictures and things like that later on this transfer. The comptuers here are super nice. 😉

I love you all!
Love, Varstnicul Nick Oldham