Week 91 – Timișoara, România

This week has been an adventure. I am still getting used to living in a two man city. It is just me and my companion in one of the largest cities in Romania. I am really excited to be here though, but it only being us with so few members can be lonely. In a way. I am not saying that it is a serious loneliness but it is weird not having other missionaries here. I think it is funny that you all knew before me that I would be Branch President here. I don’t mind, but I was so surprised. I am shocked by this calling as well but I will tell you what. I may not be perfect and I feel guilty for everything, but I have never felt a stronger desire to serve here. I have had lots of ideas and I just want to get going. I haven’t felt that strength in a while. I want to love these people so much. I know exactly how too. I have learned out here on my mission that love is very good. 😉 It is also a verb though. It is one thing to say I love you, and another thing to show someone that you love them. I think that is why the Lord has told us that if we love Him, then we should keep His commandments. Love is a verb. I think that if I can SHOW these people that I am not like other missionaries or people because I genuinely love them, then we (my comp. and I) can change this branch forever. I want to do that so badly and I have been trying to already but It has been tricky because I don’t know anyone. After this last Sunday though I know a few more people. I am excited to get going and work hard. This is a big chance for me to grow so much and be able to learn all about the inner workings of leadership. I have already had to do finances on MLS and that was a tricky thing too.

This last sunday was so scary. I conducted a meeting! AH! I was the presiding authority. I had no idea what to do. I also gave a talk. That was really easy though. I also blessed the sacrament. Including my comp and I there are three priesthood holders. We had 8 people there total which was awesome. Things are a little askew with a few things but I am hopefully going to try and fix them. Branch Council involves my companion and one other sister, who wasn’t at church yesterday so no Branch council happened. However, I have some big plans and I hope that I will be able to visit her this upcoming week.

At the same time we made our own personalized English cards. 😉 They are super cool and we really really like them. The office forgot (they didn’t receive their shipment of cards before the transfer and so they are sending them to us) our English cards and so we took the initiative and made some really sweet ones. ( Facebook: Engleza Gratuita Timisoara. We took some funny pictures for it too. 😉 ).

Things are going good though. I love this city and we have already been making friends. We have been talking about doing all sorts of new contacting methods and things like that. We are working! and it feels oh so good. ;). I am loving the energy that we have together and we are both in the boat of working hard. It has been a while since I have felt that same energy. I love it here and my testimony is growing even more. I love the Savior. The Atonement is real and powerful if we will let it into our lives. When we show him that we love Him then he will be able to cleanse us and make us whole. And it doesn’t have to be a long process either. I am learning that if I can turn to Him and wholeheartedly give myself to Him then I can be forgiven right there and then, granted I need to keep doing my best, but I can move forward with the hope that all will be well, even though I know I will sin again. It is amazing how it works and applying it in my life has been the single greatest thing I could have ever done. I want to do it every moment of every day if I can. I hope that you all will find that same energy and spirit in the Gospel that I have found. People think they are happy, but they have never tasted of the sweet joy that is the Gospel. I love it and will live for it for as long as I can. I love you all! Have a wonderful week.

Love, Presedintele (Varstnicul) Oldham