Week 92 – Timișoara, România

This week has been a good one. It has also been a hot one. A really hot one. I don’t think I have burned, but I have an awesome farmers tan now. 😉 That kind of kept us to English contacting this week and we are hoping to have a good turn out this Tuesday when classes start. English is where we, as a mission, find most of our investigators. We are happy whenever we get to do them. It is service after all and I love doing service. We are happy to do it for people and people are happy because we are foreigners and our classes are free! How great is that!

This week we started teaching a 24 yr. old elementary teacher.  She is awesome, and is very interested in the Gospel. She is really really cool, and we have high hopes with her. The only catch is that she is a teacher so she is really really busy, and thus meeting with her isn’t as frequent as we want to. I think things will be better as school starts and we can all know our schedules. Then it will be easier to find days that we can meet. She has been a breath of fresh air, by asking all the right questions and honestly wanting to know if this is the true church. It has been a while since I have ever taught anyone like that. We have also met this other 24 year old girl who has asked us to help her quit smoking. We have an awesome program for that and so we are hoping to get that program this week and start that with her.

Things are good right now. We have a few people in mind with which to meet, and things like that. We are busy, and we could be even busier if we really pushed it. I am going to set some goals for this week and really try to stick with them. I think goals are awesome! Other than that we really just tried to get English stuff going. We posted posters around the town and handed out cards. It was a really nice week. Sunday…I am hoping that if I do this whole Branch President thing right I shouldn’t be freaking out when Sundays roll around. 😉 It hasn’t been bad, I am joking a little. 😉

I had my first ever Branch Council, that I had to run. It was evident that there are a few things that I think need to change. In general I think this branch needs a positive attitude. So many problems would simply disappear if we just looked forward and stopped looking backwards. I think that if I can help this branch have a little more hope and a more positive attitude than I will be successful. I love these people already. It was cool to see how a few questions could change the atmosphere of a council though. I am learning a lot on my mission how valuable questions really are. They have had a huge impact on how we teach as missionaries and especially how I have to be as a branch president. It has been a neat learning experience for me. I am happy. :).

I am happy because I am exhausted. That sounds weird I know, but I am physically drained, but it is a different drain feeling than just exercise. It is a spiritually connected drain. It is hard to explain. When someone is focused and working hard for years in something that requires both soul and body, one gets tired. I am tired. Which I think means that I am working hard? maybe? I think it might relate. 😉

I will try to have more stories next week but for the most part, we are working hard, eating healthy, working out, working, and being good guys. I think that is pretty good. 😉

keep reading the Book!
Love, Varstnicul Nick Oldham