Week 93 – Timișoara, România

It is weird how you mention i sound happy. I am very happy, but I am so tired. I don’t even know how I can be so tired. Here was a little explanation I was thinking about though. So there is something called Nitric Oxide. It is a chemical in our body that is very very very good for us. It is produced by the kidneys and basically makes everything in the body function better. Naturally I said “How do I get this goodness in me!” It turns out obeying the Word of Wisdom makes more nitirc oxide in the body.  So I started eating healthier this week and I think the reason why I am so tired is because my body has no idea what to do. I am switching my energy sources and nasty sugars are getting pushed out a little bit. Thus, I am tired. But I know that it will be better for me.

The girl who we are trying to help quit smoking, bunged us, and hasn’t returned any of our calls. She literally disappeared. It was kind of rough for us this week with her, and kind of frustrating. We know where she works though and we will stop by and see what’s up. We worry about her.

The other person we are teaching is doing good, we went for a walk yesterday and basically just laughed a lot. It was nice to just be friends and I think that that will actually really further our work. She opened up and told us that some people had been telling her to avoid us and that we are bad guys. She of course told them that we are cool. She is smart and is not swayed by others opinions. Which is awesome for a member! 😉 We just need to meet with her more and we have high hopes with her.

The Branch is doing really good. I think that they like me as BP, but I am not really sure. I want to do more service and things like that for them but I am not sure how. Romanians can be very stubborn when it comes to receiving help. I will think of a few ideas though and run them past my companion. I read something though recently that said that if someone knows how much we love them, then we can never be too bold. I really liked that and I am trying to show my love more. We have a busy week this week, and our exchange in the middle of it will be nice. We will get to see other missionaries for the first time in 3 weeks! That’s exciting. ;). We will go to Oradea, which will also be exciting. I will hopefully get to see some of the old people that I know. That should be fun.

This last week has been alright. We have worked pretty hard and things just didn’t pan out. We got bunged a few times and that hurt pretty bad. On the other hand we learned that there is an ultimate Frisbee group here in Timișoara that we are probably going to join go and play with. That should be fun, and you never know the people we will meet that will be interested in the Gospel. This transfer will be a little bit slower. Timi is a college town, and college starts on Oct 1 here. The city will literally double in population when school is in session. I hope that we will be able to see more success then, but we are working just as hard now! If we continue on the road to awesome then we will get awesome, right?

I wish I had some great stories for you but besides seeing an alien space ship. We were walking out of Kaufland (groceries), and I look up at the moon and I see a wire going through the bottom part of it. My companion says “Elder, do you see that line on the bottom of the moon?” , “Yeah, it is just a wire.” “It moved!” I stopped and looked up, but didn’t see anything, then it disappeared. I kid you not. It was the weirdest thing. There was no wire, it couldn’t have been one based on where we were looking, and then it was just gone. So, we saw the glitch in the invisibiltyness of a space ship. Just thought I would warn you. 😉

Yeah, we just keep trucking along, doing or thing and trying our best to find people to teach. I think this next week will be much better. We have planned a lot better and that typically means more “success”. I just want to do what is right and keep working. Things will be good. I love it here and I want to finish out strong. Oh I almost forgot. I got my “death call” this week and told the office that I would be flying into the Brainerd Airport. They should be sending you all the flight plans this week and that will be it. Officially going home. I can hardly believe it. I still got nine weeks. That will of course fly by as the past three weeks have been, but I will manage. All will work out in the end. 😉 I am excited to be here and work.

I am glad to hear about you guys at home. Oliver should get his license. It is such a great thing. He has no idea the awesomness of it. I can honestly believe that mom would do something like that. I laughed when I read that she has that costume. Still not surprised. 😉 I leaned over to my comp and told him that little bit and smiled super big. I have the best mom ever! I love her enthusiasm and energy! I love my family. I am so lucky. We were talking about families in priesthood this last Sunday and I realized that I have had an almost ideal family my entire life, and anything not ideal has been because of my poor choices. I have had the best examples of parents as to how I can be a parent and raise a family in the Gospel and be happy! How blessed I am! I truly feel like one of the luckiest people around to be able to have the family that I do. My siblings are my friends and my besties. Not a ton of people can say that. I am very lucky. I love you guys and I hope you have a wonderful week! Keep up the reading!

Love, Varsnticul Nick Oldham